Amazing Rev Share Affiliate Opportunity. 40% Commission on Life Insurance Revenues

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    I own an online life insurance agency. I'm also part of a life insurance syndicate which purchases thousands of leads per month. I do business nationwide in the U.S. I'm seeking an affiliate(s) who are already experienced in producing leads in this vertical or something similar such as mortgages, credit cards, etc. This opportunity is unlike the paltry agreements others in life insurance offer. Generally they pay something like $12 per lead and assume a conversion of 1 in 30 which is effectively like making 20% commission on the first year's revenue.

    I'm done buying weak leads generated by marketers who just are being paid per lead. We all know there are ways to incentivize or market to low-information people and create more activity without creating more revenue. I want people who have skin in the game and are willing to market to the more affluent or to simply the more profitable but lower converting niches such as those people with significant but not chronic health conditions.


    -I am a licensed agent with existing arrangements. This means I get the full amount of revenue from life insurance commissions as opposed to an amount allocated to me by a marketing budget.

    -Full access to all the metrics for the landing page capture system showing hits, leads, client's name, amount of revenue, where case is in process. You will see the sausage move through the system and be paid on all revenue at 40%.

    -The average life insurance policy I place is $1650. $1650 - $60 for policy admin =$1600 revenue. This equates to $640 for the affiliate. The average conversion rate when you count bogus leads (very common) is about 1/33. This equates to an effective CPL of $19-20. A typical life insurance lead affiliate agreement pays about $12-14 and subtracts bogus leads which is equal to about half of what I'm offering.

    -I have a solid reputation and you would know me by name and exactly who I am which can be verified both the existence of my company Stockholm Financial but by the licensure I maintain.

    -There are no keyword restrictions and the ad copy is so reductive and Geico-esque that I don't particularly care where or how you advertise.

    -An ironclad rev-share agreement. "40% revenue means 40% revenue". Paid weekly via wire as a "marketing expense".

    -This opportunity is stable. I've been in this business for 8 years and "I'M NOT FUCKING LEAVING! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!"

    -Virtually all platforms allowed. Adwords, Opt-in Email, Banners, Content Marketing, Adult Sites.

    -The ad copy is simple and absolutely honest. "Save up to 70% on life insurance". All we do is take the A-rated and better carriers such as MetLife, Prudential, SBLI, Fidelity, Principal, Mutual of Omaha, and compare them side-by-side which due to certain underwriting niches can often save people up to 70% (in rare cases more). That's it! None of this low-grade ad copy to cheat the affiliate and bait the customer such as "life insurance for as little as $15 per month!" Yeah, that converts, I don't really want that lead in most cases and it only converts well for you because its easy to lure people in with this garbage.


    -It takes longer to get paid under this model. Since I'm offering the full uncut 40% of revenue and not
    a menial cost-per-lead with charge-backs, it will take about 2-4 months to have significant revenue and about 7-9 before a solid pipeline is built. You will have complete knowledge of how much revenue is in the works and which clients it's coming from. This is truly the only downside. Everything about this arrangement is far more equitable and transparent than the cost-per-lead model. You would be contractually guaranteed any of this revenue and your only obligation would be to not share the leads/data in any way.

    Skype me at yourlifesolutiondotcom to discuss further.
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