AMAZING idea w/ GREAT POTENTIAL involving Viral Marketing, Illuminati & an Authority Site

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    Basically my idea is to develop a hiphop authority blog but with a TWIST. Im sure some of you maybe familiar with all those Illuminati videos and the music industry.

    Well I have a similar "buzzword" that would go viral can can draw a similar reaction out of people, in fact I plan to incorporate Illuminati in it. (Part of the reason I put Illuminati in the title of this thread was so it could get alot of views, and if this thread does than you may see the potential in the idea.)

    With that word I plan on building a hiphop authority blog centered around that idea (not illuminati btw). Pm me for me details on that aspect.
    As far as what Im providing: the idea, content, ways to monetize, help with the site construction, probably use WordPress. I meant to make this thread a while ago but I decided to hold off until I learned some basic web programming stuff, so Ive spent the last two weeks learning (re-learning) HTML, CSS, and Jquery.

    What Im looking for:

    A person who can help with the web development (php, Ruby and other further advanced programming skills would be helpful or if you can help make a fully-functional dope WordPress site akin to,, Going to need a graphic designer in general to help with the logo as well as apparel (later on down the line).
    Article writer ( this might just be hired or I'll do it,all the content would be provided to the individual they just have to turn it into a catch article someone would read.

    A video creation specialist (Very Important as the videos will spear-head the viral marketing campaign). Definitely looking for somebody who can create those "scary" Illuminati, music industry type videos with the "Can you handle the truth" slogans and red text.

    If someone has all the combined skills of the above that would be dope!


    I see a HUGE potential, with this it all depends on our ability to make it go viral which I think it could. It can make ALOT of money. I dont know how much you guys know about music blogs/sites but ARTISTS pay ALOT of money for POPULAR blogs/sites to put their music on their site. For example the going rate a couple years ago to put your music video on WSHH was $700 (its probably more now). If you go on their site and look at all those videos with "user submitted", or "label submitted" on their videos those were all paid for, they average at LEAST 5 of those a day, plus to get a big banner ad those run $2000-$3000 per day.
    Also am thinking about expanding it to apparel. There's a guy who started a tumblt site just showing pics of naked women submitted to him, he gained a large following then decided to sell his own snapbacks...he sold $12,000 worth of these hats in just 12 hours (his store is only open for 12 hours). Did it again some months later and sold $40,000 worth and then did it gain and did $70,000.

    This is a much different niche than the typical seo, tumblr/porn, dating site I see on this site.

    WOW this was a long post I think you guys get it. If you're interested pm me some of your credentials. Or:
    email: [email protected]
    skype: tai20201

    P.S. I have many more "out there" ideas I have but just dont have the skills to put them to work so this could become a long-term partnership to RICHES ;) lol.
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