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    should the domain name when you are doing a redirect or iframe to the affiliate offer have any impact on your affiliate marketing profit? Or does it just matter that you have a domain that tells about the offer, or does that even matter if you are doing article marketing, and not PPC?
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    If you're iframing the offer page, then the domain name should be relevant to the offer (although not one that infringes on any trademarks).

    If you're redirecting your traffic through a tracking domain, then it probably doesn't matter what the redirect domain is. What I usually do, however, is create a "user-friendly" link that a consumer might be more apt to click. This URL can be redirected to your redirection domain, which then forwards them on to the offer.

    For example:
    Nice-looking URL that a consumer would be more comfortable clicking:
    ^^ redirects to your...
    Ugly tracking URL: <-- redirects to the offer
    If you're doing PPC (AdW0rds in particular), then the domain name and display URL should be relevant to the keyword and offer. Higher relevancy can improve your Quality Score, which can lower your CPC and increase your profit. A relevant domain name that inspires trust can also improve your profit, whether you're doing PPC or not. By the way, G will soon require that you use only one domain name per ad group, so this may affect your short-term profit if you have to invest in a bunch of new domains for your ad groups in order to comply with this policy:

    If you're doing article marketing, then I'd also stick with a relevant, "clickable" or "clickworthy" URL. In other words, a URL that makes people want to click it. Using a call to action or a benefit in the URL may help: