Am sick of SEO/link exchange spam lol

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    Hi all,

    Since this looks like the right place, I would lke to say I am soooo sick of getting all these rubbish emails from Indian SEO firms offering to do SEO for me, and having the nerve to ask me to pay hundreds of $$$ when I didn't even ask for it in the first place. I know enough about S.E.O as it is (though still learning) so am in no way interested.

    Also heres something funny: I keep getting emails from mostly Indians asking for link exchanges with my site that has been taken offline/dead for over a year! If they know anything about SEO and relevant websites for linking, they would actually look at my site. I really took the piss out of this guy and he wasn't happy, but I just laughed lol.
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    That's the IM game bud.
    I feel you tho, I was helping this one guy out with SEO. He was a noob and all. I taught him some things, but he didn't do anything with it. He setup a few sites, sent a bitly link to a small mailing list, and then asked me why he wasn't making any money, even though he ignored everything I taught him. Till this day, he sends me emails with spam, and asks SEO and IM questions. However, I have about 5 different emails that I check every week just for IM business, because no matter who you talk to, someone always wants to squeeze pennies out of you.

    Protect yourself though. Setup email accounts on your CPanel and just forward them to your inbox. If it gets too spammy, then delete it and make a new one, and forward it again.
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    Just received one a few hours ago. Easily 20-30 in the last few weeks but this one actually made me laugh:

    SEO'er. Now I've heard it all.

    Unfortunately that part wasn't in the last few spun emails. I could have used the laugh.