AM made me feel like an idiot so now Im confused

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Nosence, May 11, 2012.

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    I asked today about an offer that said it specifically only allowed social traffic, I asked if I could send adwords traffic to it.

    I have seen this same offer on about 10 other networks that take any traffic.

    I was told no that I could not get an adwords campaign approved. I clarified that I would have it sent to my own landing page, and my AM told me that they dont care where I get the traffic to my offer from if it is on a landing page.

    So if I put a landing page up can I send any traffic to it? Will a network ask for the type of traffic you are sending to your landing page?
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    He said you cannot get an adwords campaign approved, because its a well known fact that google adwords hate affiliate landing pages. So i wouldn't say its 100% impossible but only 98-99% impossible, so 1-2% possible in getting an affiliated page campaign approved in adwords if you know what you are doing. Therefor, your affiliate manager said he doesn't care where you get your traffic from to the landing page but since you kept asking him too many questions he just told you that since you were pretty much asking him about adwords traffic in which he knows is not possible to get a landing page with an affiliate landing page and not the real page from the owner.
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    If your landing page falls within the rules of the offer there should be no problem.
    I often use a buffer site if the traffic is questionable you are not direct linking,
    and you will see drop off in conversions however you will get a better quality
    of traffic which the networks should be happy with.