Am I understanding this or not?

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    Unfortunately, I couldn't get my image to be included in this message. Not sure why.

    Open this image - you'll need to see it

    Ok - please tell me if I am understanding the keyword data correctly or not.

    As you can see, I used the Google AdWords Keytool to search for my key phrase. It is a multi word phrase and the results are the same with or without quotes.

    Along the bottom is the same data viewed in a spreadsheet.

    Here's what I think it means

    1) 33,100 Global and Local average searches per month
    2) .36 competition is MEDIUM competition
    3) The estimated Cost Per Click is $5.35

    Am I interpreting this data correctly?

    Now, using MNF EXACT I search for the same phrase.

    It shows 91 Global, No chart at all, 15 exact phrase count, $4.70 Ad Cost, 38% COI, 1 MOB and 0 SOC.

    Now, using MNF BROAD I search for the same phrase.

    It shows 720 Local, 1300 Global, a fairly flat chat, 8,280,000 broad phrase count, $4.70 Ad Cost, 38% COI, 2 MOB and 0 SOC.

    Doesn't the MNF EXACT search contradict the Google results?

    This was my first site and would be OK if it was just a learning experience. It is a .INFO site (I now know that wasn't the best choice) and I have learned lots putting it all together.

    Finally, is this worth going after or should I move on?