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Am I on the right track for this whole online business thing? Or Insane?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MarketingwithRa, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. MarketingwithRa

    MarketingwithRa Registered Member

    Jul 26, 2015
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    Firstly, I am a newbie.... but I have been in this "game" since January this year. I brought countless different bullshit. From fairy dust to plain old dirt. I was lost for a while. This forum has given me the dedication to implement what I have learnt. Sorry about the length. :D

    A brief outline of what I have learnt...

    Part 1 - Planning & Getting Started

    1) Do your research first - keyword research and general "market research" for the type of niche you want to get into (specifically, niche marketing). Ensure there's competition, demand but not too much saturation. This step will also include analyzing competitors and knowing what your target audience (customer research/profiling) really wants.

    2) Select a sub niche and have a USP (unique selling point) for the niche of your choice. The USP seems to be very important.

    3) Buy an expired domain with decent backlinks and good hosting. Also ID protection on the domains.

    4) Create a site/blog however you are familiar with. I will be using wordpress, and a premium theme to go with it. The colors, design and general branding will be chosen very carefully.

    Part 2 - Creating Content

    1) Content Marketing Strategy (CMS) - Develop the first stage of the CMS, by pre-creating content for your blog and social media. This will be SEO copywriting optimized, and of high quality. The creation process could be potentially outsourced however I will do all the research, so its of quality.

    2) Freebie Giveaway - The second stage includes creating a video series or eBook to give away (the freebie) in exchange for a prospect's email. This content will be carefully created to lure the prospects into the sales funnel.

    3) Setting up Email Marketing - Create an email opt in form somewhere on your site. Create a few emails in your auto responder (like Aweber or Mail chimp) for the meantime, so they can confirm their email and you can build your list.

    Part 3 - Social Media ('Free' Traffic)

    1) Create an online presence by joining the most popular social media (Facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, etc.). I am good at creating a fast online presence so I'm not too worried about this part.

    Use social media management tools and outsource to make this easier. The main platforms are used to determine where your target audience hangs out more, by analyzing the traffic sources as well as conversion rates.

    Part 4 - Paid Traffic
    1) YouTube Marketing (Videos, Ads) create videos
    2) Facebook Ads
    3) Bing ads (undecided) but I will avoid Google Ads.
    4) Other paid traffic methods.

    Part 5 - Other Traffic Sources
    1) Black hat SEO (nothing too aggressive)
    2) Forum Marketing (not on here obviously).
    3) Other blackhat tactics such as mass spamming on similar blogs (using scrapebox)
    4) Befriend competitors in niche for joint ventures and traffic.

    Part 6 - Monetization
    1) Google Ads
    2) High converting offers that will be pre-chosen from sites like Offer Vault. I may avoid clickbank - I will cloak links and offer bonuses.
    3) A serviced based offer, preferably reoccurring (optional).
    4) Start a email marketing campaign and market to the (hopefully) growing list.

    Part 7 - Improvements

    1) When everything is running, I will look at ways to improve conversion rates and targeted traffic using Google Analytics, my brain and feedback from experts.
    2) If profit is being made, outsourcing will become an option.

    Additional Information :rolleyes:

    I am 100% serious - I know this will not be easy and there will be many complications along the way. I am mainly looking for sustainability and experience. However, I do expect profit after a certain period.

    Possible Niche: Wealth
    Sub niche: Undecided
    Budget: $300 every month

    Where I am at this current period:
    Learning White hat SEO & Copywriting SEO. I have not no clue about blackhat SEO yet (I may buy a service from somewhere on here). In addition, I have started a little research; I just want to be prepared before I jump into the ocean with potential sharks. I have the "technical skills" for everything else (creating websites etc.).

    Where I want to be before the end of 2015: Hopefully have this up and running, and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Get better, then scale.

    Why I am doing this:
    I was supposed to go to university last year. I no longer see the point of going (It's a long story). I don't want to be defeated. I don't want to be an economic slave. I am 19, 20 at the end of the year and want to retire young. Ok, end of sob story.

    My Main Question

    Based on what you have read, am I on the right track? What am I missing?
    Does this all make sense at all? Or am I deluded? I would seriously appreciate any input, constructive criticism and possible skepticness (sp?) of what I think is included in creating a decent online business.

    P.S Please do not send me scam PM's. Thank you a lot! :)
  2. ChanzGrande

    ChanzGrande Elite Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    I think your plan has a lot of moving parts, and likely requires a bit more isolation to determine more specifically your niche, and most importantly the methods you will employ to drive traffic.

    Overall you have learned a lot in only half a year, so congrats. Do not make the mistake of thinking what you have written above is some sort of plan though. It does not contain ... specific information, specific actions you will take, i.e. how much content to write, when it will be written, etc...

    What you have above is an outline, and it has way too many moving parts for anyone to effectively be able to work on them all. So unless you have office staff, and/or a huge budget you are going to need to drill down your outline above to a SPECIFIC course of action you can take and implement. I often use a 30 day plan, and very concretely plot out my intentions. I may not always stick to the plan as is, but having a much more concrete model makes it easier to measure my success against my own goals.

    If it were me - I'd simply dive into a little more depth of the outline above, and figure out EXACTLY what I intend to do. This is pretty top-level stuff, and as such can't be considered a plan. But yes - you are on the right track. You just need to get moving on the taking action part!

    Looking forward to hearing about your success.
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  3. Reaver

    Reaver Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 6, 2015
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    I agree with Davers. Narrow it down a bit then use a 30 day plan. My plan is super detailed. On this day I will buy this domain. On this day I will set up Wordpress. On this day I will post content to my site. On this day I will join FB groups. It goes on and on like that for 30 days. That's a plan. You've learned a lot but you need to take what you've learned and start mapping things out.
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  4. Optic88

    Optic88 Regular Member Premium Member

    Nov 6, 2008
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    Fullstack Marketer @ PPCMode
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    I agree with both davers & alwaysinvisble.

    Button up you plan, it's good you have the entire strategy but you'll likely get discouraged if you're not "tracking" your results.

    You would be much better off by scheduling EVERYTHING out for the week, you'll get alot done.

    Personally I use good old fashion to do lists on paper. I really enjoy seeing all the completed tasks at the end of the day and it motivates me to do more the next.

    Far as your knowledge it seem you know everything you need to do. So now go take action, turn off social media, turn off the tv and any other destractions and get some shit done.

    Look forward to seeing your success.
  5. bobhishomn

    bobhishomn Newbie

    Aug 29, 2015
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    300 usd per month! OMG. I cannot even imagine spending anywhere near that amount yet. Good luck OP
  6. bobhishomn

    bobhishomn Newbie

    Aug 29, 2015
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    Any specific planning/mindmapping software you use?
  7. Coolz0ero

    Coolz0ero Newbie

    Jan 17, 2015
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    nice, keep going
  8. jak19

    jak19 Elite Member

    Jan 5, 2013
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    stick with it and take on boward advice given, there is plenty here
  9. earnsomin

    earnsomin Registered Member

    Aug 13, 2015
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    great plan. drop out of school and go broke.