am i missing the point? or being fu*king stupid?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darrensss, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,

    Recently a site of mine picked up a google penalty ... my fault, i blasted it with xrumer and sb! i know, before you all tell me ... dont blast your money site ....

    Too late! its done but at least i understand now what i did wrong!

    Anyway, reading through the BHW forums i noticed its very very common for IM to create links on various web 2.0 sites (ezine, squidoo etc) which link back to there money site.
    Then i notice it common pratice to blast these web 2.0 properties with what ever you can, xrumer, sb, se nuke etc ...

    Surely if blasting your own money site gets it banned in someway, doing the same with your web 2.0 props is only going to result in them getting banned? and if they get banned you lose your back link?
    So creating all of the web 2.0 props is pointless if you are just going to get them banned and not benefit from the backlink?

    Am i right? or being stupid? :rolleyes:
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    A little of both is the problem here. I have never seen a permanent Google penalty from blasting a site with xrumer and scrapebox. I have seen Google temporarily adjust your rankings, and then give you the correct position they want you in later, but never a permanent penalty.

    The point of the web 2.0 properties is to pass PR juice mostly. You can get a web 2.0 property to PR1 or 2 with just a few days of scrapebox blasting (though the PR wont change for a few months most likely). So if you make 10-20 of those with d0foll0w links and blast them, you are good.

    Don't believe what everyone says about blasting your money site. Do it. But screw xrumer. I don't like forum profiles as backlinks. I have personally never seen a benefit from them. Xrumer is capable of better things than that.
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    Agreed. As long as you maintain the amount of backlinks made to your website at a constant pace, you will be fine.
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    Peeping Tom
    Thats a really good question, it seems with all the automated tools you could just go down a straight line blasting links in relevant blogs. So for example you have Money Site<blog<blog<blog and just hit all those blogs with more backlinks to get the page ranks up. In fact it seems like you could/should do it with blogs other than yours (not including the money site) just in case of a correction or deindex by the big G it spares your personal blog.