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    I have been online for about 6 months. I am one website I have been working on. Mainly whitehat with a few black hat techniques that I have learned from here. I am actually proud of my site. Its the first site I have ever made and created it on my own with no html knowledge at first.

    When I first started it had an alexa ranking of around 4,600,000. Its now down to 530,000 flucuating a couple thousand here and there. In my eyes I think I am doing ok. I am targeting a keyword that has over 10,000,000 results in Google.

    This is what I do and can please give my some honest advice.

    Blogging. When I first started blogging I was simply creating useless posts. I have learned how to optimize it better. Keyword as title, in the post, with some links and so forth. Then once publish I stumble, onlywire, and other social techniques. I have been getting decent ranking on some posts. I have All SEO plugin and a few others that I just realized yesterday were not activated. Rookie mistake.

    Link Directories. I try and submit to at least ten directories a day. Some times I dont get around to it but I try. I also have an autosubmitter program complements of BHW, but some sites are out of date. I use vm*options.c0m to find some directories.

    Article Marketing. When I first started article marketing I was writing again useless articles. I also used Need an Article .c0m. But waiting for them to finish sometimes takes too long. So i learned how to optimize it correctly. Now I am able to write an article in about 20 minutes or so. Once published, I stumble and social site it all. Now I am able to get an article ranked in top 10 of google in 2 days. I just did it with a keyword with 11,000,000 results. So i am definitely learning more. I used article post rob0t, but I pump out articles quicker then it can submit just 1 article. I have only 23 articles published but I have over 2500 views. Most of them come from the new optimized articles.

    Forum. I am not very active in forums. The only forum I enjoy is definitely this one. I hear so many mixed views about doing so. Some say its good and some say that most forums are oversaturated. But I did just get a great idea from Nick Flame (Thanks Nick) about a little technique. But I try to post a little here and there.

    I am trying to understand social networking more and more. Because I see from some that it is the way of the future. I am trying to add more and more content to my site.

    Blog commenting is something I have not done as well. I know I need to and I will.

    Besides some other techniques learned here that is the gist of what I have been doing.

    Does anyone think I left anything very important out of my list? If so can you please offer your opinion.

    I know I am new but I have learned alot from you guys and I appreciate it.

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    So far, so good I'd say. Certainly better than the majority. One thing you can add that I found out about here is to take a spun copy of each of your articles and create a Squidoo lens with them, and take another spun copy and put it on Hubpages. Google loves them both, so this should increase your ranking even further.

    Excellent job with the Alexa. I moved from 6 million something to 2.9 million something and thought I was doing good. Now I have a goal to shoot for. Thanks for the incentive. :cool2: