Am i doing this correctly here??

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    Need some advice bhw..

    Ive been having a browse through one of my cpa networks and came across a good cpa offer.I wont dislose what and where cos i aint even started it yet, if it works i'll share for one and all, but in the meantime....

    I typed in the keyword and there was like 20 million competing pages, so alongside the google keyword tool i started fiddling with some longtailed keywords and have around nine gooduns.

    With the exact phrase feature enabled on google keyword tool, and using the allintitle when searching for competing pages, i have 9 good longtail keywords, which offer about 3,000 searches, and the competition is no more than 400 for each assuming ive done this part right so far...

    Next i intend to create a site with the most popular keyword in the url...i'll put my banner/offers on here...

    I was also going to write an article for each of the long tailed keywords, ensuring the keyword density is correct and throwing in some other keywords as well....

    Im going to create 9 videos with powerpoint and camtasia and name each video after the individual keyword, as well as including the keywords within the video description, submit these to tubemogul....

    I was then going to create some wordpress sites, blogger sites etc and include the articles i had written, as well using the articles within my website, i may spin them for these sites im not sure yet...

    Anyway all this ive learned from here and i intend to be up and running by next week, im just wanting some feedback on what ive done so far and what else io could do, i doing this correctly, do i need to change anything or have i missed anything out??..

    All help as always, much appreciated...

    Thanks bhw

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    Sounds good to me, am no expert though.