Am I breaking the law?

As long as you are providing legit info and if someone asks you not to contact them again, then you are not breaking any laws.
I wouldn't do it. There are so many other ways to make money. Why take the risk?
Probably a great way to get fiverr to ban your services and keep your cash once they figure out what you are doing.

Sounds risky only from that perspective.
I am getting 3k+ G-spam mails a day! And google is doing nothing about it. Sometimes I wonder if google gets a cut from the spammers for in-boxing even the most obvious spam email. So give google a cent or two from your profit and you'll be ok. I guess those almost outgoing pres's and VP's of the fb! are also using the G-spam route to make their retired life more secure. So don't worry, until the real worry really worries you! :D
The is a CAN-SPAM law in the US against email spam but nothing I'm aware of for website spamming, so you should be good in my opinion. I have heard people have spammed more reputable websites with no backlash. So if what your doing is making you money, keep it up!
The advice in this thread is mind-boggling. Since when has BHW turned so ignorant and naive?
Yeah, there may be two situations.

People who are really interested in such services - for them it is not spam.

But For people who just hate such messages and just got irritate by seeing such texts - for them it can be spam.

But, basically for marketing it is not spam, its a legit way, and you should keep it up.. there are also many ways too.
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