Am I being scammed?

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Basic overview:

    1) Banned keyword/trademark - wanted cloaker/account
    2) Found a person who then referred me on to several people who I have spoken to in depth on google hangouts - generally get passed from one person to another.
    3) Just as we are good to go and be live - there is some error and more bitcoins payments are needed
    4) I have seen the ads now live in google for 5 minutes, they were paused and now told need more payments as needs to be on a more senior agency account to ensure we wont be blocked, also told there is a £2k spend on the account included.

    I have seen screenshots of the account and it seems to add up but everytime something is paid for, seems to be one excuse or another and more payments requested. Everything is paid via bitcoin - people then saying they will refund me for x,y,z but will take 3 days whilst payments are needed instantly...