**********AM.CO.UK ** NICHE site ** 8000+ NEW users a month ** Top 3 Ranking on Google!

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**********AM.CO.UK (Webcam Niche)
The domain is registered on name.com you will get the domain pushed to your account at name.com plus the .zip file with all the website files there is no mysql or any kind of database so you will literally transfer the whole site in less than 5 minutes!

The domain is currently ranking number between two and three on google for it is niche it is an EMD domain the traffic is stable i can provide more screenshots if you would like of any data you need from analytics it is currently generating from 250 up to 300 new users a day majority of the users come from the united Kingdom!

The traffic is coming from "Organic Search" 90% and the rest from direct visits the website has yet to be monetized!

Traffic for the last 90 days:

traffic for November 2023:
Traffic for December 2023:
Traffic for January 2024:

Contact by Private messages on here!
@Nietnone is my telegram contact.
No refunds ask for everything you need to know before the sale once it is SOLD no REFUNDS!
All transactions will be done by DAN.com Escrow service or by CRYPTO!
Price is 5000$
"I saw your website, and it looks good. Do you have any websites related to editing, proofreading, article writing, or resume writing fields?"
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