Alternative to SurferSEO/Frase but for bulk keywords


Jun 7, 2018
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Surfer and Frase are pretty handy, but there's one thing I think they fail to do. At least with Frase, I haven't used Surfer in awhile.

If you want to rank a page for multiple keywords, they can only take 1 keyword then they give you suggestions based on that one keyword.

It'd be nice if a tool allowed you to put a page in, then list all the related keywords you want to target with that landing page and it scans the SERP for all the keywords, then puts all the suggestions into one document so you can optimize for multiple related keywords in one landing page.

Is there a tool out there that does that? I've been playing around trying to develop one myself, but I'd rather skip the headache and use another tool if it's available
I don't quite understand what you want, but I use to produce content. It seems better in every way.
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