Alternative to Adsense? Something like the Avantlink daily widget.

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lucabrasi, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I am looking for a ad network that will have something similar to Avanlinks daily widget. Adsense is great, but mine is an information site. People don't really go to it to buy anything.

    I've tried to get into avantlink, they sent me an authentication link, I couldn't get it to work. Its been over a week without a response to my request for further instructions. So I am looking for another ad network.

    I am assuming my site(s) is good enough. Google accepted me, CPA networks let me in. I don't know if they are politely rejecting me or if they are just lazy/incompetent. I don't have enough information to make that kind of decision.

    I can decide that I don't want to wait for these folks. Maybe I should be looking at a CPA network that has a daily widget type item. This site is on alcoholism, it get visitors, but not the kind that click adsense. Its a pity because clicking on rehab links pays well. But it is rare that I receive any clicks.

    Anyway, who should I go to for a daily widget kinda thingy.

    Thank you for your considertion