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Sep 25, 2012
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I know many people want to start an automation journey.

But They don't know how to start, Where to start, How to generate ideas, How to develop an automation script, How to maintain an automation website, or how to integrate GPT-3 AI in articles. Etc etc..

Don't worry !!

I will provide you with a proven, complete automation website building service with my Niche and ranking guide eBook.

My Few Site Success:



Still Not Interested??? Let's see another shot....



Last 3 Year Earning:


I won't give you any tools, but I will build you a website using my tools and support you for 6 months. (Support include generate more post, Website error fixing, automation question and Ans, And my next AI automation tools news and access with big discount for my old client)

You need to think outside the box if you want to succeed in automation. It is very difficult to succeed if you do it the way 100% of people do.

I came up with an automation service that was out of the box. There are many types of such sites. My experience over the last two years has been building around 40+ sites.

On each site, I use Pure GPT-3 AI .. Working great..

What You Will Get?

  1. SEO Friendly Full WordPress Website Design (If You want)
  2. On Page Optimization + add 1 Feature Images
  3. WordPress SEO Plugin Setup
  4. Google Webmaster and Site Kite Setup
  5. Pure OpneAI GPT-3 AI Generated Articles
  6. Automation Ranking Guide + My experience
  7. Drip Feed That Means Schedule Based Posts
  8. Server Support (Cost Applicable)

If you made your ownFrom My Service
Idea generation with proven strategy - Limitless CostJust Give Me Your Niche Or I will research For you
Developer Costing For Automation Almost 3000-5000 USDYou Have No Cost
GPT-3 API Cost Almost 500 USD For 10K PostYou Have No Cost
Costing For Website Design/Develop 200-500 USDYou Have No Cost
On-Page SEO, Template Setup, Data collection, Etc = 200-300 USDYou Have No Cost
You will need 3-5 months to build the full automationNo Need to wait 3-5 Months
Total: 5000 to 8000 USD and 3-5 Month Time.Total: 1K Articles for only 300 USD (if 75% Discounted)

So, The total cost to make a full automation tool will be $5000 to $8000 and 3-5 Month Time.

But, If you order 1K Post from us, you will only pay
300 USD (if 75% Discounted, Not For Everyone)

If you need bulk posts, such as 5K, 10K, 50K, 100K... You only have to pay $0.30 per post. (You will receive more discounts if you order more posts)

For Real Sample With Ranking + Earning Site, Just Comment Below “Ai Buster” , I will Send You Real Live Sample With Real Earning Site.

Our GPT-3 AI-Generated Package:

  • 500 Articles - 600 USD (TAT: 7 Days)
  • 1K Articles - 1200 USD (TAT: 10 Days)
  • Custom (Your Choice) Such as 5K, 50K, 100K, and 200K Posts Order (TAT: Depend on order)

Still not convinced?

Ok, I will give you 50% Discount Coupon For 1st 10 BHW Users. Just Reply With “Ai Buster” , I will Send You 50% Discount Code.

(ADD-ON is complimentary for all BHW customers)
  • Hosting Support - We support With Our Dedicated Server If You Need (Cost Applicable)
  • Domain Name Suggestions and Reg (Cost Applicable)
  • Any Types of Backlinks Support (Cost Applicable)

Refund Policy: No refund. Only if I can't deliver your order within the deadline, I will give you a refund if you want.

Payment Method: Paypal, BTC, USDT, Credit Card, Wise, Payoneer

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the niche of your automation site?

You Can Choice Any Niche, Or i Will give you my research niche

2) Can I post on my existing site?
Yes, But It would be best if you work with niche related domain.

4) Do you give any ranking guarantee?
Since SEO is an uncertain process with constant updates and practically unlimited for development, I do not able to offer ranking guarantees. But I will share my ranking guideline with this package.

5) Do you give 100% indexing guarantee?
No, Google already announce they had a indexing issue. Still I see, Google have indexing issue. So, for indexing, You need to use few technique, such as: Aged domain, Indexing API by Rank Math, Build 200-300 Basic Foundation backlinks , or Paid Indexing tools etc etc.

6) Site run smoothly in my shared server?
It depends on your server. But I use a dedicated server for my all sites. Its depend on your server configaration.

7) What about the support?
I offer 1 month support which is include generate more post (definitely cost applicable), Website error fixing, automation question and Ans, And my next AI automation tools news and access with big discount for my old client

8) Is it possible to success just run 1 site?
It's uncertain! Depend on you luck, Cause its called automation.

7) Why you need reveal your niche?
You can't easily succeed in the same niche that everyone else is working in. Because, this niche will become saturated. So I may turn off this service after selling a certain number of orders. So grab your chance now.

For 50% Discount Coupon, Just Reply With “Ai Buster

For instant communication please contact us

: live:theseoadviser
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://theseoadviser.com
Note: Resellers Are Also Welcome Contact Us
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AI Buster, samples and if I meet the requirements, a review copy please.

Thank you
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