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alpha video ...using live events to rank videos ...and other goodies that I found

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by birdiebob, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. birdiebob

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    Apr 1, 2008
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    good tips on using chrome extensions, google drive and youtube...not mine ...
    first 20 minutes ...show you how to set up a video in google drive to use as a presentation
    finally the alpha video technique....allows you to create HD versions of a prerecorded video...the live events seem to rank a little better than hoa and regular videos..
    here is something that might interest you guys/gals

    download wirecast....free...but slow
    go to output ....authenticate your youtube account
    go to your youtube account ....video manager...live events...complete the info as always...create live event
    I set mine on private until I am ready with the seo and stuff ...guess at this point , if you want to use the unlisted method , you can do it unlisted. I havent found it to be worth the trouble , cause I am going for the low hanging fruit keywords...
    click on create event ...top right hand corner of window
    opens into the live event ...banner ad for wirecast ...
    select thumbnail
    select bitrate ...I use 480.
    follow directions to connect the wirecast feeder to your youtube account
    go to the wirecast program ...
    go to top left ..menu ....upload media ....upload your video to wirecast
    PLAY the video in wirecast before you connect..make sure it plays like you want since it will play the same in event
    go to the upper right on wirecast window ...click on stream ...this connects to the live event
    be patient while it connects...
    click preview...
    click start streaming...
    go back to wirecast and start streaming your video ..run the video several times to allow for editing

    sometimes it connects sometimes it doesnt ..the free version maybe ? paid version is 50 bux..dont know what it does that the free one doesnt .they need better descriptions of the program ..

    i run video 3 times ...then wait for it to process....
    go to video manager
    click on the video ...
    click on enhancements
    click on trim
    trim the video as you wish ..
    then I make it public ...make it private ...give it a few days..( although my record for first page is 70 seconds )..
    since I am doing videos to get calls, I dont particularly care about the quality of the video ...just want the click ...if you want better quality ...use better videos...I use vmfx, and movie maker...I have camtasia also ...

    pretty much what the guy said in the video ...I made a video but it is rough so dont want to share....the video posted above is better.... hope this helps someone out there get their videos on page 1
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