Along with SEO, what else can we do to scale lead gen. for SaaS


Jun 15, 2015
Our company wants to 6x lead for our customer support product.

Currently, we are primarily getting leads from:

1. Organic SEO

2. Few leads from:
Paid spots in listicles on page 1.

What do you suggest to scale the lead gen.?
Depends on how you market your product. If you are picky with your clients, you shall try to detect them more selectively through hiring platforms. You can outreach your potential clients if you have a good sales force and you detect issues in their sites that could be improved.

If you are not picky, you can just scrap sites of certain niche like angellist for startups, and throw them a semi-generic email. I recommend you checking for agency building courses. For example, David Krevitt has some info regarding this topic, which is vast.
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