All of my youtube videos and blogs got taken down (lesson learned) suggestions welcome.

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    I've been showing youtube video demonstrations for some products in my niche and also blogging about these products via blogspot. Apparently some of this things on my youtube account / blogger account is against ToA (I disagree and am appealing) but some of my blog(s) and youtube account(s) have been taken down and my account(s) suspended. That's what I get for using a video site that also owns the blog site =/. I've learned a lesson the hard way, now I have a few questions to prevent this and maybe improve my way of video / blogging life :D.

    1) What blog site should I use to host my blogs, or should I just start blogging on one of my domains (or maybe create a different domain per blog)?

    2) I had a couple of ideas that are a bit shady in the copyright area so just for future reference, if I want to blog about something and I want to remain anonymous (for legal reasons) what can I do?

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    my suggestion is to go with domains on hosted wordpress. But before that, do a little keyword research on your niche a find a good keyword with 100+ visits per day and check domains (especially .com) with your exact keywords in it and competition lower than 80k or something like that. Then, if you have a found a domain for you can easily rank on the first page of google with little effort (as in you do not have to create 10000 backlinks but only a few hundred.
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