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    First of all don't mind my language and if you correct my grammer #FuckTheGrammerPolice
    I hope you get my humor :)

    I see a lot of people are asking how to be designer or how much should I charge for this or how much should I be getting paid.

    First of all let me introduce myself, I'm Dickson and I'm from singapore and I'm 21.
    You can check out my portfolio at


    " For this whole tutorial I'll be using logo and business designer as an example. "


    Bonus stages are things that I mention that you NEED to follow to be a excellent designer!

    How to be a Designer ?

    First of all, you want to know what type of designer you want to be ?
    Choose only few that you really want to be, examples like brand designer or advertisement designer or Print Designer there are seriously a lot to choose from.

    Like in SEO terms its call a Niche so you wanna be a SUB-Niche. You can only provide Logo & Business Cards or maybe a UI designer & Website Designer and you'll probably earn more than those people who provides everything.

    WHY ? Because they value is low and they are specialise in everything so they do not have room to improve, and their work are basically shit.
    They will make a logo then charge 100$ for a logo and probably he doesn't gives a fuck about quality so he just go on photoshop and create something that he thinks its nice but in most case they are so lowly that clients would never go back to them again, but you are specialise in logo and business card so you on the other hand would go dedicated yourself 1-2 hour of research on them and for designs and inspirations fonts and shapes and etc whaterv. Then you proceed to making a template then comes the design and you can charge 300$.

    Remember this if you want to be everything you'll be Jack of all trades master of NONE, this will severely decrease your value of work.

    Tools you'll want to learn Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign up to you whatever works but these are the primary software that is in the market for a long time. Adobe knows their designer well.

    What should I learn or how do I make a Design ?

    You wants to learn the fundamentals of the software first no one can run before they walk, it makes fucking sense.
    A very good place to start would be or tutplus they are monthly subscription and really you'll be able to learn whatever you need to be geared in within a month or two its worth the money you'll get from the lessons on the website. ( IN NO WAY I"M AFFILIATE TO THEM)

    Or you can on on youtube and start searching fundamentals in most of the time they take shortcuts because they are not paid or they just wanna do that for backlinks :p what I would do is find a well established designer on youtube and try to learn from him. His video are his earnings and his video would bring you to his site to bring you more premium tutorials.

    After you've learn the fundamentals learn something that will juice your brains, examples how to brainstorm for ideas, how to be inspired, how to use guidelines to in photoshop. This will go a long way when you learn this at the start, I had difficultly doing designs because why ? I"M FUCKING LAZY AND WANTS THINGS FAST.

    After you've the right mindset and right way of working with your tools carry on and research on logos and business card and try to do mock ups and try to improve on your designs get your friends, uncle, grandmother, your step sister wahtever. To critique you or me, but I'm very harsh #JustSaying :p

    Bonus stage #1.

    You never want to stop researching & watching videos & looking at other portfolio.

    When you stop thats when you'll never improve and your quality of work will be going DOWN SON!

    As my friend always tells me, you can't be the best because there is no number one players out there only number twos.

    Can I copy other peoples work ? How can I be original ?

    You'll never be original unless you start a new trend or something creatively new that never happen for example you are the first guy to design card that is digital and there are slides.

    If not there is no such things as original.

    Designers mimic each other.

    More than often clients will come to you and say "Here this is what I want, something like this."

    How do you get inspiration ? You look at someone's portfolio or design he created. How do you know that a color will be good pairing, you fucking look at something for inspiration.

    When you you see someone's portfolio they probably get some inspiration from other designers too so the world really goes around.

    Don't be scare to copy someone, as someone said not me but I forgotten who. A good designer is someone who do their research well, a excellent designer is someone who mimic.


    The FUCKING golden question, how much should I charge or how much do you think this logo is worth.

    The question is how much do you think you're worth ? ( I can see you behind the screen like "Fucking guy another one who says the same thing." )

    OK! FUCK YOU TOO, But listen to why I'm saying this.

    Never listen to someone who give price quote before they even do a consultation or never even do a consultation with their clients or someone who never fucking did design before and tell you "OH, it looks alright so maybe I'll pay 30$ ?".

    There are FUCKING fool proof solution to this so bare with me this will be a little longer than others.

    Often times people will be scare of charging too much then they'll have no client and if you charge too less everyone will flock to your quality design and you'll overwork and become a fucking retard from the stress.

    Ask yourself are you a Jack of all trades master of none, If you are stop here and fucking think over your life now.
    Are you a specialist in an area, If yes carry on to listen what I'm going to say.

    As a specialise its not about how well you do the design, everything that goes into the project is the price a projects starts with the experience you're giving your client, the amount of research you did, you giving education to your clients, the experience in that area that you've been trying to improve and overcome over the few years that makes what you're worth.

    So how much should I charge fucking genius ?


    For flat fee projects ask yourself how much do you want to charge hourly for the time you're investing. A good starting price would be 40-60$ but as a specialise go way higher like 70 - 90$, why you ask ?
    Because you don't go to a doctor and ask him to give you painkiller medicines so that you can subside your pain you go to the dentist to fix your teeth, thus your design would last them a long time without the need of changing the design they are given.

    Never go by hourly rates you're just devaluing yourself, and what happens when you did the design way faster than the expected time you needed.

    There goes your fucking money stupid shit.

    I don't want to go deeper into why you shouldn't charge hourly rates, you can go google it yourself.

    As a specialise you should know how good are you and how fast can you do a job, you should know this by doing a project yourself.

    Pick a company now and do a logo or business card for them or whatever you're good at maybe website design whatever and time yourself how long did you take.

    That is very important so that you know where you stand.

    These are the steps to calculate how much should you charge, again we're using logo and business card for exmaple.

    1. Make an appointment with your client know what they are looking for, If they know what they want and what design they are looking for Great skip step two, if they have no fucking clue and reply you with a most hated answers like "I don't know you're designer, come up with something" along that line read step 2.

    2. One you'll need to give them a bitch slap first, then tell them you'll be charging more than usual as they are fucking unprofessional then tell them you'll do like maybe 2 different design for them to choose from and we can go from there and do revisions to your liking.

    A good client would come up to you and say I really like BMW business card do you think you can make me something along that type of design ? Simple, clean & realistic.

    Then go home do your price right then give them a email, this is the moment where they'll take you or not don't worry if they don't take you and just reply with paragraph of thank you and you really appreciate the time you two about discussing the project and would love to do it on a future project because everyone has a budget and they might not be able to afford now. But trust me this step works wonder and they would often come to you when they have more money.

    3. Now the price, let them know you'll need two hours of research first which of course they're going to pay you, you're not playing hide and seek on the internet.

    You specially went out of your way to make a design that is iconic and also a fucking master piece, again mimic someone and combine and make something look good.

    Then follow up and tell them these and these you'll need to buy to create this ( OBVIOUSLY BUYING RESOURCES IS MORE FOR WEBSITE DESIGN BUT ITS GOOD INFO ).

    Then tell them you'll need 2-3 days turnaround time to design it, its better to do that than tell them how many hours you'll be using to make the design. Because hey you're not only working on their designs, self-centered bitch.

    Look below which one looks more appealing ?

    Price quote is 150$ Per Hour for 5 Hours.


    Price quote is 450$.

    Clients will question you, the other designer did it in 1 hour why can't you, you want to avoid this type of stupid questions.

    4. So this is how you do your math. I'm asian so I can do it pretty well, goodluck americans.

    Hourly rate x Number of hours you think you can complete + how much are the resources that you'll be purchasing.

    90 x 5 + 45$ = 495$

    Not so bad right ?

    5. What happens if you completed way before schedule ? You dedicate the remaining time to think about how you can improve the design and execute it, often times it gives you the extra edge of quality by a bit.


    Next post I'll be talking about:

    1. How to find clients.

    2. How to handle your clients.

    3. How to deal with clients that doesn't allow you to post on your design on your portfolio

    4. How to continue getting business from clients.

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