All German speaking on BHW! Let`s get together and make more €$ :)

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How about just opening a skype group or something like that?
I would be happy to participate in that! just add me
ok who is from Berlin then? the only decent city in germany ;)
We had a few meet-ups in London. Why not doing the same in Berlin if there are enough Berliners?
I'm from berlin :p
Or how about if we just use a #german channel on bhw irc if thats okay for the mods.

Add me on skype if youre
A bunch of Germans getting together to take on the world?

I don't like the sound of that..
Gruezzi Schweiz! I am looking for brave guys and gals (The Doers) from Switzerland, who are good at html, want invest small money and to get their hands on the local 1/2 BN CHF (yes half billion CHF market). Attention, serious inquiries only. PM me. Thanks
i just watched HIMYM season 8 episode 1 and learned some deutsch : Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand..hope can join this thread
is here any german speaking member how is doing successfully PPD + Youtube ?
I have started a project at the begin of this month but it dont run very well right now.
Maybe someone is here who will give some tips for the german market ?
just pm me here.

One question to the all other german ppl.
What are you doing right now to get some bucks online ?
are you focus on the English or German market?

Sorry for my bad engish >_>

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