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All Domainers. Be Aware of this scam emails !!!

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by jokel661, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Sep 26, 2009
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    I would like to share with you some new scam emails about buying & selling domains.
    I received this morning an email from somebody stating he is a broker and his client is interested in buying one of my domains.(i was like 60% from the beginning that it is a scam but i wanted it to know how he is going to do it)

    Email 1 :

    I have a request from my buyer for purchasing #####.com.

    My client has six-figure budget for 66-68 domains. He invests in domains with good potential almost every month.

    Please email me your desired price.

    How can we transfer money to you (escrow, wire transfer or Western Union)?

    I provide brokerage services for domain buyers and sellers. If you have more domains for sale please email me the list with prices.


    Mark Downey, Ph. D.


    Vice President | Investor Relations | Domain Trade Association

    WN7 2PB

    Guide Post Road 25



    Email 1 reply from me :
    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for reaching me. your email was sent to spam folder.

    The domain is for sale for $900 if you are interested in.

    Let me know .


    Email 2 (why somebody likes to lose $4000 difference for a 10% commission. he could buy the domain from me for $900 and resell it for $5000. BIG SIGN of scam):
    I'm not interested in transactions under $1000. My client pays me 10%-15% on every sale.

    May I suggest to change your price to $5000? In this case I will earn a better commission.

    I hope you understand my business model better now.

    I've made a small research on your domain. Your domain has no offers. It's not a good sign but I can help you to get a professional certification for your domain with a good independent appraisal. These certificates make rich buyers to pay good bucks for even average names.

    If you accept my conditions let's proceed with the sale.

    Email 2 Reply from me :
    Ok. Let's do it $5000.
    Let me know.


    Email 3 :
    $5000 - ok.

    Before my client sends you the money, he will require two documents:

    1. Screenshot of your domain account. It will prove you are a legitimate owner.

    2. Domain seller's certificate from Domain Tools Certifications.

    This certificate includes two essential things: appraisal of the market price and a trademark infringement verification. It proves your domain has no trademark problems. If the appraised value in your certificate comes higher we will increase our offer accordingly.

    Please send the screenshot and the certificate to my email.

    If you are new to the certification process I can help you with step by step instructions.

    Email 3 reply:
    Go and fuck yourself fucking scammer. You are selling those certificates. I knew it from email 1 . I just wanted to get you in the net.
    Scam reported to FBI and UK anti crime bureau.

    So be aware please and dont fall in these type of scam.
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