Alibaba Wholesalers - The Interrigation Process (How to Spot Scammers/Fake Merchandise)

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    Hello all, I am fairly new to drop shipping, and just wondering what sort of questions people are asking the wholesalers on alibaba to really tell the difference between someone who is a scammer and someone that is providing a legitimate access to wholesale products!

    I know that for one thing, if a seller has "Gold Supplier (Verified Member)" status that does speak for something... however just as easy as people can buy eBay accounts, I am sure that someone could achieve that status in other ways as well so I am reluctant to just trust a simple status saying they are verified.

    Another way to watch your back that I have picked up of course is to make sure that you only deal with PayPal as a method of Payment... this will reduce the risk of your money being simply sent and stolen. (If Someone can elaborate on how this is the case that will be a big help... or if anyone has other suggestions!:))

    I was also talking one on one with the live chat feature on the website with a few suppliers just asking about their products, but I don't know what sort of questions I should be askings... namely because if you ask obvious questions such as "Are your Televisions (for ex.) replica's/look-a-like products or originals... 99% of the sellers will just say they are original. Hell... anyone who is scamming is smart enough to say that.

    So. Hopefully some of you members have your own ways of drilling down into the hearts of who these suppliers really are and have a series of questions or a certain strategy to extract the fact if they are scammers for one, and then secondly if their products are legitimate or just cheap copies.

    I look forward to making this thread a super informative one which will eventually end up stickied if it can help people avoid being scammed! :D


    (I will do the same to helpful replies!)

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    In my experience has less scammers then Alibaba.

    But always keep this in mind

    - 99% of the items you buy are FAKE! Even if it says Genuine its FAKE! The seller will simply ignore you if you ask them if the product is legit. Or they will simply lie to you.
    - Games, Software, Movies and other CD/DVD products are ALWAYS fake. No exceptions.
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    Gift cards are fakes too

    Bought one @Dhgate (300 usd value for 25 usd)

    I think was created by using a stolen cc :/
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    We can just say that everything is in demend, is fake:) thats hte sad part of dropshipping. You have to find some good supplier, on a long term basis. I was in usa for like 2 weeks, and went to gamestop, and I realised how shit were their service. This gave me some selling Ideas! Anyway, everything is fake on alibaba, dhgate and website like this. There is only one good way to find legit object: buy in wholesale from manifacturer.