Alibaba in the list of worst markets in the United States !!

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    The Trade Representation of the United States launched a new USTR its list of notorious markets for this year, a list of markets where counterfeit or pirated products spread.

    Most of the sites covered by the list has a long history in the sale of counterfeit and pirated products as Beijing's Silk Market, or The Pirate Bay, for example, the strange this year is that the menu contains site Taobao Marketplace Alibaba Group's leading Chinese online shopping.

    Taobao is one of the most important electronic stores owned by the company, as the only application on Mobile reaches 150 million users daily, and the market knows more than 20 million product reviews every day.

    This was the face of Daniel Zhang, executive director of the Alibaba Group, a message to all his staff, commenting on the matter, with which he expressed his disappointment with the inclusion of one of its markets in this list, also thanked all his staff for the tremendous efforts undertaken by them in order to avoid Products counterfeit, and pointed in the same the time that it is normal and that many countries have become a working economic policy of protection against any foreign bullish market.
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