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Aleyda Solis - International SEO Consultant

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    What does Aleyda Solis think about the private and targeted audience at UnGagged.
    Think long term - identify the building blocks and understand that you need to make the most out of a weakness in an algorithm update.
    What can you do better than your competitors?
    What tools does Aleyda Solis love to use? Read more about her here


    Q: Please introduce yourself, and tell us why UnGagged?
    AS: My name is Aleyda Solis, I?m an international SEO consultant. I have my own consultancy, I focus on international and multi-lingual type of SEO processes, and I?m very looking forward to share - I usually blog and share a lot in social networks too and I speak a lot, and specifically, UnGagged is a very interesting for me because it gives me the opportunity to share in a much more private and remote way, very targeted towards actionability. If you take a look, all of the sessions are a bit like that. Very focused on actual outcomes and insights of very practical aspects of our day-to-day work, so I?m very happy to be here.

    Q: What are your top tips and priority actions for overcoming issues associated with any big Google algorithm roll outs?
    AS: Yes, at the end of the day, it?s to think on the long term and identify the building blocks that works better and are more feasible at the end of the day from a resource perspective to your own company, and then make the most out of it, understanding that if at some point you have identified and made the most out of weakness of the algorithms that will change and will stop working at some point, so it?s very, very important for me to make sure to identify the opportunities from the new functionalities that Google is providing and it?s far better to focus on those and how you can grow on the long term. Not necessarily focusing so much on those vulnerabilities that at the end of the day will get you in trouble at some point.

    Q: How can businesses with smaller budgets and resource best respond to big updates?
    AS: For me, it?s always about competition, because at the end of the day you rank or you get the visibility and conversion, as long as you don?t have any other bigger competitor out there looking to rank for those same areas or terms. So, for me it?s to focus on your strength and identify those of your competitors, if your competitors, for example, are big companies with huge authority, ok, maybe they?ll win on those, but you are much more flexible, so you can implement, for example, indexing the fastest, or start to markup and get rich snippets much faster than your competitors, so focus on those aspects that you are the best at and identify those vulnerabilities and aspects that your competitors are not so good at, and as long as you play well and you follow the same guidelines and the same practices that you have established whole SEO processes, it?s ok.

    Q: Are you aware of any gamechanger developments on the horizon that in-house or consultant SEOs should be aware of?
    AS: Yes, for example, app indexing for me is huge. It?s going to be really important and is already taken into consideration for android search for mobile. A lot has been said about mobilegeddon and that has overshadowed this new release, but for me this is a very important aspect that we really need to take care of and look forward. Finally, the integration of all type of multi-platform search, I would say.

    Q: In your niche or sector, what?s the most annoying SEO misconception? Please feel free to set things straight!
    AS: Yeah, oh my god, I have heard so many, it?s painful! I have even heard before at some point by a pay-per-click person that says like 'oh, SEO, we all know that is not ethical or legal or something like that? and it?s like ?Do I really need to invest my time around debunking that??. In general it?s that, for example, developers and UX people and design specialists also a little bit more of paid search, see us as a little bit of pirates and a little bit like hackers, or people who look to focus on making the most out of vulnerabilities, and all about tactics and not necessarily building and aligning to create the best possible answer and outcome for the company. You can focus on many ways at the end of the day, but for me it?s about that they open their views and their eyes that you can do SEO in many, many ways. SEOisn?t suspicious, yeah it?s harmless.

    Q: Current favourite SEO tool or platform? Or can you give us the inside track on any sexy SEO related platforms, tools or developments coming soon?
    AS: I am really liking for old keyword research and competition analysis. SEMRush - I?m a big fan. Also for audits and typical analysis, I?m a big fan of DeepCrawl and also OnPage for extra flang and international type of settings and configuration it?s really good. These two are like, my favourite at the moment.
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