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Alexander's Journal - To success

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by qwickpk, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. qwickpk

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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Internet marketing
    Hi all members of this splendid forum known as BHW. First off all I want to give every single member a big internet hug for being a part and sharing your thoughts to this community.

    I've spent ridicously many hours reading topics and posts here and I got to say that I've learnt alot, and I actually mean that. Everything from earning money by being an eWhore to gaining money by scaring the shit out of christian people by telling them that theres nude photos of them on your affiliate link (LOL).

    So who am I? My name is Alexander Stöckel and I'm a 16 years old student living in Sweden struggling to find my way out of the jungle of poorness. I want to be able to afford a nice car, nice clothes, and also a nice place to live. I want to feel the freedom of being economic independent and that I actually have achieved something good in my life. And that's what this journal will be all about, my documentation off my path to success.

    I'm tired of doing the same thing everyday, and with that I mean waking up for school (work in the future) where I learn things I've forgotten the next month. I want to spend my time well, doing something that will benefit me, as some people say "Time is money".

    I want this to be a place where I can outsource what I've achived. I see it as a diary - which everyone can read and be a part off. I also hope the new fishes in IM can receive motivation by reading this. And maybe, some of the old wise fishes also, but I suppose they know their water.

    The first day of my journal begins today, and I'm going to spend this day trying to collect Paypal money so I can afford domains. I'm first of all going to create a great amount of adsense niche sites and see how that works out for me.

    If someone knows a good method to earn money fast, maybe being an eWhore (?). Don't be afraid to share it, I am really grateful for all information you guys share.

    Well, I think that was everything I had to say for today. I will try to update this journal as best as I can. Sometimes, the lack of time doesn't allow me doing that.

    Oh, I would also love to hear from you guys how your internet business is working out!

    Lol, what a wall of text I've written.

    Anyways, I wish you all a good continued day.

    I want to add that I'm currently loking for people who want to do Joint Venture, and by that I mean you provide me with CPA accounts and I will earn money on them. I keep 75% and you 25% by doing nothing. Observe that I'm not looking for cheaters that doesn't pay on time. I want the payment through Paypal. If your interested in this, PM me and we can discuss more.

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