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    Ok i have a shitty forum. Only like 3 mths old. Now i did the usual to get it listed etc. But this shitty forum is like in the #325942 Alexa rank already!
    Got like 900 members and 3900 posts.... Bugger all really. Most of the members come from an un reated sql injection technique to redirect a warez site to my registration page. Yep im bad etc etc.
    But in the bigger scope of things it should not be listed so high. Damn prob 90% of the members never posted, 70% never even completed registration! Its just a crappy forum mates post on. Me and 1 other mate have posted over 1000 posts our self so wtf?

    Now as i have multiple computers, so i decided i will keep a linux box online 24/7 to monitor that particular form, now its on the who is online page and refreshing every 5 seconds or so. It was supposed to be simple a method for me to view who is online by looking at other pc but turns out it could be more benificial...... Has anyone else found this to be true?