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Jan 15, 2020
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How to increase the ROI of an AC with Yandex.Audience

Yandex.Audience is quite a useful service. It enables one to create original target
audiences based on the webmaster's preferences, the offer, and the ad campaign

Virtually any experienced affiliate has come across this platform at least once in his
lifetime. However, that's not to say that everyone got the hang of it. Today we will
provide a few examples of how to increase your ROI with Yandex Audience. Let's go!

Use repeated sales

You should compile a separate category of customers. For example, if a customer
bought a product and was satisfied with it. A good reason to add a customer to that
category is if they wouldn't write a bad review, either.

You can regularly send newsletters to this group with information about discounts,
sales, personal promotions, etc. This kind of potential customer will react positively
to the advertising and so is likely to buy again.

Complete the sale

This tip is particularly relevant to long-term purchases, where the product selection
can stretch over several weeks or even months. Usually, the user needs 30 to 60
days to finalize their choice.

At this point, we don't recommend sending such clients direct ads on the landing
page. On the contrary, do your best to create a positive impression of the product
indirectly. Advertise sites with reviews about the offer, reviews, and useful articles
that make the advertiser's product stand out.

Work with competitive requests

Yandex.Audience helps facilitate creating a group of clients with the highest number
of requests for your product.

As soon as you meet such requests, increase the click rate per item. This way, the
most interested customers are more likely to see your product.

Summing up

Today our article covered tips on building an audience with Yandex.Audience. We
also skimmed through certain factors that influence target audience segmentation in

Use the tips presented today, and your ad campaign indicators will certainly improve.
And in case you have any questions, feel free to drop a message in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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A selection of affiliate marketing services for FB

Affiliate marketing via social networks is one of the most complex areas for generating
income. It is especially true for the two largest sources in this field, namely Facebook
and Instagram.

Many rookies quickly blow their budgets, while even advertising pros experience
difficulties. However, auxiliary utilities can help facilitate the process of working with
social networks. So, sit back and relax because today we are introducing several
Facebook utilities.

Linken Sphere

It is a universal anti-detect browser. Its main advantage is a maximal array of
functions for convenient and reliable processing of gray/black hat offers.

Currently, you can use the company to substitute any browser fingerprints, work in
OTR mode, and build a custom environment for each tab. That means you can
easily change the user agent, system time, the local language, and GEO, and even
adjust the resolution.

It also comes with a useful cookie management interface and features to interact
with SSH, SOCKS, and TOR. Depending on the tariff and its duration, it will cost
between $100 and $900.


It is a great tool for designing creatives. Its main advantage is a large number of
pre-made templates and the option to edit them quickly.

The platform supports all possible image formats, including photoshop files.
While editing, you can add art elements in a couple of clicks, even when there is no
Internet connection.

But that's not all. As a bonus, the basic array of functions is completely free.
Also, you can get a one-month trial of Pro-access.

A spy service that features a large number of filters and detailed analytics on relevant
profiles and posts. It can help find trending topics and compare the results with those
of your competitors. This will help you choose an effective strategy for your campaign.

Apart from a simple search, the service allows you to offload all the statistics in a
convenient format and analyze certain ad campaign indicators.

Unlimited access to the platform costs only 400 RUB.

Summing up

In today's post, we discussed some useful tools for affiliate marketing via Facebook.
While some require payment, others are free.

Regardless of your choice, all the aforementioned platforms are quite beneficial for
driving traffic. They will help you reach a good ROI and corresponding profit levels.
If you're interested in more similar platforms and relevant promo codes, feel free
to visit us: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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Which payment systems to link to FB

A payment system is an essential element of an affiliate marketer work. Cards come in
two forms - physical (plastic cards); and virtual cards. However, the most important
part is the ID number of the bank (Bin) that hasn’t been overused, since that’s what
Facebook sees. We attempted to come up with solutions that work and can be
adapted to any conditions. These include macroeconomic factors, as well as FB
regulations. is a service that provides virtual cards with Bins of exclusive American banks
to pay for Facebook Ads. Cards with 3D secure allow you to pay for any services.
There is a low chance of getting a risk payment. You can get your first card within 2
minutes without providing a personal ID. There is no limit on issuing and crediting cards.
Cost - from $10, with a 2.9% commission on deposits. Buy 4 cards and get the 5th one
for free. Withdrawing to USDT is an available option. There is also a referral program
in place:
100% from the first card of the referred user and 10% service commission
from each one for life. Available access to team functions and system notifications via
a Telegram bot. - an online transaction system. Its cards you can use to withdraw money.
The issuing country is GB. Thus the cards seldom get banned. Turnover is limited to
$20 000. During registration you need to provide your personal data and any EU
address. You can apply for numerous bank cards, yet using different personal
information. The cost of issuing a card is $2.95 / €2.65; service fees add up to
$2.7 / €2.40 p/m. Commission on deposit = 3.3%. Each card can be linked to
several accounts.

AdvCash is a payment service that allows you obtain a virtual card and link it to your
auto registered account. The number of bans due to the payment card has been
minimal. Alternatively, you can replace the card by getting a new one. Cards start at
$10 and a 1% commission for deposits.

Karta - a platform that issues cards free of charge, no service fees, but requires a
monthly turnover of $40,000 per month. The deposit commission is 3.5%. You can
have an unlimited number of U.S. virtual cards with trusted Bins. The balance can be
credited directly from the ad network. Real-time expenses statistics are available in
your personal account on the platform. You can generate a convenient report for each
team member, or the company as a whole, by distributing authorization levels.

AdsCard is a wallet service designed by affiliates for affiliates. The interface is
intuitive and user-friendly. It features round-the-clock technical support.

Cvcwallet is a virtual card service from the United States. Each card goes for $6,
while deposit fees are 10% +1 USD.

Gambling.Pro Cards - is an affiliate network with prepaid cards from the USA to link
to FB. Free and unlimited cards with free of charge service. Commission on
deposit - 10-15%. Minimum deposit amount - $ 150, and future deposits begin from
$ 50. You can't use these cards in third-party services without agreement with the
manager. If the card is no longer compatible with FB, you will get a new one with the
same balance.

Zambulay - a service that issues an unlimited number of cards with good trust levels
and free service. The cost of issuing a card is as follows: Belarus - $15, England - $20,
Sweden - $30, Netherlands - $90, Ireland - $90, USA - $40. 7% commission on deposit.
Minimum deposits per geo: Belarus - $100, England - $500, Sweden - $100,
Netherlands - €500, Ireland - €100, USA - $500. You can activate a referral service of
10% from all service fees paid by the referred webmasters. Referrals can make their
first deposit free of charge. No identification is required to apply for a card. As soon as
FB stops processing the card, the service will replace it with a new one and preserve
the balance. The card can be blocked if it has debt.

EzzoCard - an automated service selling prepaid credit cards issued by Canadian
and U.S. banks. You can check the current card balance or get a statement at any time.
The card can be registered under any name and address in the U.S. or Canada. No
registration or verification is required. Credit limits range from $5 to $1000.

LEADING CARDS - a comprehensive payment solution for media buying. The cost of
issuing a card is $6, monthly service fee - $5, max number of cards - 11, deposit
commission - 4.2%. The platform issues cards for 12 GEOs and provides cards for free
for testing. Cards are available in USD, EUR or GBP. With a promo code from Aivix you
can get 3 free cards.

To find a private solution, you need quality networking and connections in the affiliate
sphere, or cooperation with a quality affiliate network. Find promo codes in our chat


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Jan 15, 2020
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Browser extensions for affiliate marketing

The determining factor of an affiliate’s efficiency is the quality and quantity of
conversions. One needs to be up-to-date with trends and use new tools to -stay
successful in affiliate marketing. We have compiled a list of text, video, and image
plug-ins that will make your workflow easier and quicker.

AdvanceTS - a platform that provides a range of tools for creating quality creatives,
and searching trending offers and enables one to return a part of the advertising
budget. Also, it highlights the more effective ad strategies.

Mobile browser simulator – assists in managing the way a landing page is
displayed on mobile screens. Helps to adapt landing pages and prelands for mobile

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome – a plug-in for testing the way a website is
displayed on various platforms. It features a flexible traffic setup via different streams
and cloak configurations.

Главред – An extension window opens upon clicking the button in the toolbar. Insert
your text and the tool will highlight unnecessary text in blue.

Online-Convert – the official application. Use it to convert file
formats and extract text from images.

Convertio – a conversion tool. Convert archives, audio, documents, images, and

ImTranslator – a convenient assistant for those working with overseas Internet.
Simply highlight the text to have it translated.

LanguageTool – a multilingual correction tool that almost perfectly corrects
grammar and spelling errors in 25 languages. Algorithms can detect even
unnoticeable mistakes. This tool is especially handy for webmasters working
with foreign sources.

Social Video Downloader – assists in downloading videos from the web.

Copy All Urls – as the name implies, this tool copies and saves URLs of all open
tabs. – allows you to download videos from any platform: VKontakte,
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, TikTok, etc.

Downloader for Instagram – an extension that can download photos from IG in
large quantities. After clicking the extension icon, it will collect all the photos from
the page. You can decide which photos to download.

Pablo – a plug-in editor for Instagram. Right-click to open the image in the photo
editor. Use this tool to add filters, text, and logos. You can also crop the image to
fit Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.

SmmBox – a useful tool for webmasters who drive traffic via their sources.
SmmBox collects the best posts based on the request. You can then transfer the
posts to your feed in one click. Edit, copying, and pasting have never been easier!

Pocket – an extension designed to quickly save content in the form of videos,
images, texts, and links. Save the information you need with a single click, and use
it later as desired.

Evernote – a plug-in that saves content from the web. Evernote is renowned for its
well-designed reading format. It features a convenient layout and a well-selected
color layout, which facilitate working with text.

Loom – allows you to record your screen with sound and a selfie video. Once
you’re done recording, you can edit the screen recording right on the Loom server.
Crop, add stickers, comments, etc.

Lightshot – the most convenient tool for quick screenshots. Simply select the part
of the screen you want to capture, edit the image and upload it to the server.

Gorgias Templates – an extension that was created for webmasters who
constantly work with various languages. It features its library of templates and eases
communicating with clients via email.

Joxi – a web extension that makes a screenshot in one click and stores it on the Joxi
server indefinitely. The link to the screenshot is copied to the clipboard immediately.

Analytics URL Builder — a tool from Google that helps set UTM tags and shorten

Dualles – divides the screen in two.

TextOptimizer – a plug-in designed to assess and improve the text on the page.
After analyzing, the system evaluates the text, displays its technical parameters, and
gives advice on how to refine the text. The extension helps to compile the most
relevant keywords.

Hopefully, these tools will make your work even more productive and comfortable.
Find more convenient solutions in the chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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Multi-currency wallets for affiliate marketers

Electronic digital wallets are becoming more and more relevant for affiliate marketers.
They enable one to perform digital transactions or simply accumulate savings. Your
funds can't be restricted or blocked. Today we will take a look at the most popular
convenience unsecured multi-currency non-custodial wallets and their terms of use.

Metamask – the most popular wallet for managing digital finances, savings, and
using decentralized apps on various platforms, like ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom,
Avalanche, etc. It comes as a smartphone application and a browser extension.
You can link it to DEX, DEFI, and other protocols and platforms. Features its in-built
browser. It also has in-built networks, which you can switch. You can add your
networks manually. That said, you will need the BSC network. You need to enter
the following parameters to add it to your wallet:

Network name:
Smart Chain


Network ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block exporter URL: Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer

Add other networks using the same algorithm.

Use to add coins to your wallet. Enter the coin in the search
bar and add its smart contract to your wallet. You will find the correct network
there, too.

Trust wallet - the most multi-functional wallet yet. It offers the same services as
Metamask, plus you can hold your BTC in Bitcoin’s network. Also, Trust wallet
supports trc20. It is available as an application for smartphones and a browser
extension for PCs.

1inch - regarded as the most convenient wallet app in terms of functionality. All
networks have automatical configurations. However, it does not support BTC
and trc20 networks.

After downloading the wallet you need to go through the sign up process. You
will recieve a seed phrase, which is the access key to the wallet. It is
recommended to write this phrase down and keep it safe, but NOT on any
electronic devices. No personal information is required for registration.

General rules for working with wallets:
  • Always disconnect your wallets from the service;
  • Keep the seed phrase in a secure place;
  • Always create a separate wallet for AirDrop and other types of activities.
All wallets are merely shells for your convenience. You can use the same seed
phrase for all 3 applications. This way they will operate and show your balance
at the same time.

Look for even more affiliate marketing lifehacks in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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Pros and cons of using SEO to promote financial offers

Affiliate marketing makes use of numerous sources to drive to offers. Search Engine
Optimization is regarded as one of the best of such sources. SEO is an array of steps
taken to optimize a website in order to gain rating in search engines. When
optimization processes are established in a smart way, SEO can provide passive
leads and stable long-term sales. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons using SEO to
promote financial offers.

  • SEO in financial offers yields a stable stream of high-volume, high-quality
    organic traffic that you can drive to the landing page;

  • Solicitation cost is lower, since there is no need to pay for ad campaigns;

  • Good conversions - trust is higher in leads that find your website in the search

  • If you make use of a report, there is a good chance of launching web pages
    and entire sections before your competitors;

  • Despite the contextual restrictions, Google displays many trusted financial
    resources in the top search results. It also supports Google Finance - a
    convenient platform for traders with sections, like various currencies,
    summarized analytics and headlines from Google News.
  • SEO is not a fast way of making money. It will take some time before the
    website reaches the top search results;

  • You need a specific budget to hire specialists, provided you aren’t well
    informed on analytics, development and copywriting;

  • Rapidly changing search algorithms do not allow you to calculate the exact
    result of driving to financial offers through SEO;

  • Always need to stay on top of trends;

  • Prioritize “white hat” methods of SEO optimization. Since quicker ways,
    “black hat” and “gray hat,” increase your risk of being banned;

  • Competition in high-frequency requests;

  • Scrupulous work with analytics and content.

Using SEO to drive to financial offers is a growing sphere of activity. It has its
risks, sure. But, if you’re able to retain relevance in your platform and promptly
respond to changes in the niche, you will enjoy the results.

Select several offers and design websites to match their theme. Promote them
until you get a high-volume target audience. Find partners that need targeted
traffic that you drive. Promote your partner’s offers on your websites and attract
leads. Have a look in our chat to find the best offers: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Oct 5, 2020
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Anyone work with these guys?
I've signed up for the site, but I cant find any offers to promote and payments appear to be in their own currency that can only be used to buy stuff from their store? Fancy site, but its not inspiring confidence..


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Jan 15, 2020
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Types of financial offers for affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, the financial vertical remains one of those that have the most
potential. It is a broad sphere with a diverse target audience.

Financial offers in affiliate marketing are divided into several categories:
  1. Investments. These include deposits, trust management, and participating in
    pools, mints, IDO, ICO, IPO, and IGO. This is the most popular vector. It will suit
    both rookies and adepts. Features offer good payouts and good conversions.

  2. Crypto exchanges. Registration, deposit, verification.

  3. Crypto exchanges, wallets. Financial transactions via platforms and

  4. Affiliate marketing. Presumes selling bundles or participation in pools, or
    information support.

  5. Trading, scalping. Unassisted or supervised trading on the exchange.
    Conversions don’t come easily, as this category presumes to sell theoretical
    and practical information.

  6. Autotrading, copy-trading. Trading with the use of specialized software and
    bots. Driving to foreign Internet sources has more potential.

  7. Training, info business. Courses, info club memberships, VIPs. The offer
    intends to sell informational services. How well the target audience is gathered
    determines how easy or difficult sales will take place. Usually, this category
    features high payouts with difficult conversions.

  8. Mining platforms. Content on mining is promoted through various requests.
    Usually, this implies selling hardware and software for mining, as well as
    services for renting PoW platforms. One often comes across links that lead to
    exchanges and coining services.
You should present beginners in the digital finances vector offers on training,
investments, auto trading or trust management, or pool participation. Ad creatives
must feature income with little effort and a luxurious life. A push could lead to an
expert’s blog. Make sure to place an FAQ section with reviews on your landing page.

People with experience in this sphere need to see investments and trading. Ad
creatives can display advantages and bonuses. They can lead right to the
registration page. On the other hand, the creatives can navigate the potential client
to a preland with trending industries, expert articles, and bonuses.

The financial market and industry are constantly fluctuating. That’s why affiliates need
to adapt promptly to the new environment. Change up creatives, the GEO, and offers.
And don’t use the same bundle over long periods.

Aivix is an affiliate program that can provide you with a quality selection of offers.
Be on the lookout for effective tools for starting up, as well as scaling, in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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Moderation and bypassing bans for financial offer

One of the difficulties of working with financial offers is a large number of restrictions.
Direct advertising of financial offers is banned by social media and search engines.

The finance vertical is quite narrow. Traffic quality is scrutinized, so fraud is eliminated.
There is no point in working dishonestly, as this carries many reputational risks.
However, white-hat offers also occasionally encounter bans.

It is recommended to use cloaking tools, PWA apps, anti-detect browsers,
proxies, and quality account farming to bypass moderation complications and
the risk of bans.
This is especially relevant for traffic sources with strict moderation,
like FB, IG, and Google.

Cloaks – these are programs that distribute traffic. They display the whitepage to
moderator bots, and the necessary financial offers to target users. They also help
to conceal the page contents from spy resources.

Trackers – services that compile statistics from advertising and CPA networks that
distribute traffic to various prelands, offers, and affiliate programs. This takes place
in real-time and in one place, without altering the link.

PWA apps – a technology that enables one to install a website under the disguise of
an application onto a smartphone. By tapping the PWA app button, the user
navigates to the necessary website without opening the browser.

Anti-detect browsers give the option of working from different accounts within the
same application, but the traffic is seen as coming from different sources. Features
the following functions: multi-accounting, bypassing anti-fraud systems, access of
numerous users to a single account, anonymity, an artificial increase of
likes/shares/views, and farming referrals.

Proxy – an app or device that acts as a gateway between you and the Internet. It
provides every profile with a unique IP address. This helps avoid suspicion of
breaching regulations and safeguards you from being banned. Also, it is used for
account security and to bypass fraud-protection systems.

Account farming – imitates activity on the page of an account. It is used to bypass
anti-fraud systems and increase trust from social media bots. This allows you to
avoid manual moderation of an account and go through bot moderation quicker.

Instead of testing a multitude of hypotheses, it is more profitable to get access to
the necessary services and check out different approaches to creatives and landing
pages: Aivix - chat [ENG]



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Jan 15, 2020
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Traffic through mobile apps

Mobile apps for affiliate marketing are a trendy way of driving traffic to any vertical.

There are 4 ways of getting mobile apps:

1.Creating and promoting your apps. Types of mobile apps for affiliate marketing:
  • A PWA website turned into an application;

  • Webview - an app that opens a website inside;

  • Native apps - installed and launched without links to the browser;

  • Hybrid apps - a combination of web and native apps.
2. Purchasing an application.

3. Renting software.

4. Using the software of an affiliate program is the best option.

Features of mobile affiliate marketing:
  • The user has a rather neutral attitude toward ads when they are seen through
    an app. The same goes for offers that are integrated into the app, contextual
    banners, and targeted ads;

  • No AdBlock and other browser ad blockers;

  • No banner blindness and increased trust levels in users;

  • Fewer ads in mobile search;

  • Testing mobile ads are more expensive than desktop ads;

  • The ad text needs to be shorter, images smaller, and an action button is a

  • Moderation trouble and risk of bans can be bypassed using a cloak or PWA

  • It is advised to track statistics of every single offer and disconnect traffic with
    the parameters that do not sell;

  • Ad networks have a lot of bots. To filter them out, you need specialized
    anti-fraud systems, like Forensiq or FraudScore;

  • You need to drive traffic through the same channels and platforms that are
    displayed with no errors and are user-friendly on mobile devices;

  • Lots of traffic from in-app ads.
You can use Appsflyer stats to find out which traffic sources for mobile apps are
popular in various GEOs. Also, their report provides numerous resources for
generating traffic breaking them down by region, application type, and operating

Summing up

The large part of the world’s traffic falls to mobile devices. The mobile app market
is growing every year, so are income levels.

Main advantages of driving traffic through apps are long-term communication with
the user, a loyal attitude of users, and a large selection of traffic sources.

Pay attention to KPI and stay in touch with the affiliate network that is only happy
to share its insight: Aivix - chat [ENG]


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Jan 15, 2020
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Hey guys, a reminder that we are participating in the nominations by Conversion Club

Help us become the best affiliate network — we'll give you bonuses for your votes!

To vote, follow the instructions:
- Follow this link
- Vote for Aivix in the "Best Crypto Affiliate Network" category
- Voting will close on November 15, 2022.

Make a screenshot of your vote and send it to Aivix managers. For this, we will top up
your balance by 200AC.

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