Doesn't seem be passing the new Originality 3.0 Model which was released yesterday. No matter which mode is used, it's detected as 100% AI.
Articles written in 1700's are also AI now . Originality has gone mad. No AI to human converter will work for them.
Even if you manually rewrite it still wont work.

Although, They are using a very stupid method, we analyzed 50 articles to verify. We will publish an update to beat 3.0 soon. But, eventually originality is going down. Very few clients of mine use it.

This is exactly what I'm looking for. I want to leverage from AI content but also ensure that it will still sound like human. Glad I found this post.
so, using this, i can ask chatgpt to generate me a blog post then convert it using your ai-to-human converter?

or do i need other tools involved aswell?
Currently, I am having great results with just got 4 with my auto blogs..but when I check, most of my articles detect as AI
.I don't care as long as I am having decent success with those, but as long as I am concerned about the future, do you think this will help and be worth it for my future projects... I have just been doing only auto blogs for the past two years and got
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