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    Does anyone make good money on AFF? I joined a few days ago and am a newbie looking to make some extra cash. I got the idea because I started on CraigsPimp and it was crazy all the work I did for 5 days and only made $6!

    I have tried sooo many different methods but they do not seem to be working. Maybe I should just give it time?

    This is what I have done. I posted on casual encounters on Craigslist & referred them to AFF. With this I got over 50 emails and handled them all personally which took me forever... end of the day yesterday I had only made $3.25

    Today I tried several different techniques and have yet to see my stats change. My Unique Ips are up to 66 but there is no pay recorded...?
    I created a simple website with banners on it and description of each site I am promoting. Then I got 2 simple videos and put on YouTube with a link to the site.

    I created a E-whore for Facebook and she now has over 100 friends and I have created a AFF group on Facebook with my affiliate link being the group link and gotten people to join. Whenever a guy emails my ewhore wanting to chat I give him links and info.

    I have also went to Craigslist and got emails... sent out "Secret Admirer" ecards to the addresses I got from the M4W categories and a few where W4M.

    What exactly does this Unique IP mean and Why am I not getting paid for any of them?

    Any other advice to help me on this journey would be appreciated.

    LOL Its funny I am so paranoid I am doing something wrong and Im going to get in trouble for spamming but I am only emailing people that are asking for casual encounters:)
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    more likely people just know you are a bot.