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    Hi everyone,

    Today i spoke with an SEO company that deal with big brand companies. They gave me some advice as the current SEO methods i have been using is to buy High PR domains that are 6+ years old.

    They said that domain age & content of that domain is more important than the PR. For instance if i had a PR4 pointing at my site a PR-0/1 that was aged and had lots of good unique relevant content would be a more powerful link than a PR4 link.

    Now what i want to know is, is this the case as currently when i buy high PR domains that are aged as well im spending out a lot of money on them but in the past they have proved to be worth the money spent. But if what they say is true and a aged domain with less PR is better surely quite a bit of money could be saved? Im not sure what to believe as pretty much all the clients they have are either number 1 in google or in the Top 3/5.

    Is there anyone that could share some light on this?
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