aged domain with no links better than newly registered?


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Sep 21, 2009
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Does buying a 3 year old domain that was parked with zero links better than a newly registered domain? I am trying to speed up the rate of getting indexed and ranked. I don't mind doing the linkbuilding but just curious if there is any benefit buying aged from godaddy auctions.
if its just aged, but was never used thren its basically like a new domain.
you can also index and rank a new domain fast.
I would say that depends on the niche and on the links.
Sometimes that is better to start with new domain name to make sure you aware of all SEO done and make sure there is not black history in SEO.
Domain age itself won't benefit you SEO wise.

Age is only valuable since the older the domain is, the higher the chance it organically harnessed valuable authority references via the project/website/startup it hosted throughout time.

So if you're looking at aged domains, highly recommend you only consider aged domains powered by a good chunk of impossible to source otherwise references.
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