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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by VinceC, Jan 12, 2009.

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    as per title above, got almost 90% of my pages indexed by google.

    I have a great site name, but I discarding all my contents, a total revamp of my site.

    Question now is, how do I go about 'cleaning' all the indexed pages by G? which I submitted sitemap n domain to their webmaster tool. I cant clear by by removeing url as some already submitted to other sites thru rss.

    should I just leave it alone or.....?

    If ignore it, will the cache pages be deindex by G somedays?

    Thanks in advance for all suggestion
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    There are serveral ways to de-index your pages, Ill list some of them.

    1. U can use robots.txt with the following text to block google:

    User-agent: Googlebot
    Disallow: /

    2. You can remove a page (Cached etc) by adding the following Meta tags to the page:

    <meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="noarchive" />

    3. I think inside google's webmaster tools you can remove an URL. Forgot where it exactly was.

    4. Fill your website with alot of mallware, google will ban you :D, but i dont think u want that to happen hehe.

    Just apply one of those, and wait a couple of days/weeks depending on page PR. and your website will be cleared.
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    Hi I have just had to do this myself for some pages that i felt were duplicated content and hurting my WH site's rankings.

    You can remove the URL in google webmasters tools but it is also best to add code to either the hts.access file of code within the existing page.

    410 Gone (deleted forever) or 301 - moved permanently (link to new file)

    This will also let other search engine spiders (ASK, Yahoo, MSN) know when they next visit your site to remove the pages from their index!
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    Hi, previously I loaded to google webmaster tool without the www. for my domain, and now I decided to add the 'www.' in it, will google see it as a diff site?

    I was using wordpress with autoblogging, now I fully uninstall the wordpress and thus pages no longer available.

    for the 410 deleted forever, can you show me how to get ard with it?

    I need to remove permanently over 160+ indexed pages.

    Thanks for any help given :)
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    You don't need to do anthing here? Why d'you need to do anything?

    I don't get it.

    They'll crawl and reindex the site in time dropping old pages and reindexing new ones. I don't get why you think this demands some sort of action on your behalf. This is part of the purpose of an indexing search engine - to note changes and change it's index.

    The only time to do something is if
    a) you are selling stuff right now - AND people are being sent to the wrong pages
    b) you have lots of links to one particular page and want to keep the Page Rank

    In both cases the answer is to 301 redirect from an old page to the new one, individually.

    Yes www. and http:// are different sites. You can sort that out in Google webmaster tools (easiest way).
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    >You don't need to do anthing here? Why d'you need to do anything?

    Thats a good point. In my experience, Google can de-index your site pretty quickly; especially if you drop internal links. One other point, that I think is worth noting (if you haven't already); if you fundamentally change the content on a site (ie: changing niches), then Google will reassess the entire site. Your PR may change, your pages indexed will change, and your rankings will change. A lot of this is because your inlinks use an anchor text which is no longer relevant on your site.