After update, it's even harder to get past Yelp for my local business.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by paligap351, May 24, 2013.

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Yelp has dominated local serps for a while now, today it got even worse for me.

    For my KW "[insert a Local Service] [insert Big City]", various yelp pages have the top 3 positions.

    Anyone else experiencing this frustration? I've been building lots and lots "quality" links for months now - I can't get passed #2 position.

    I'm thinking two things: my lack of social signals and my high bounce rate (40%, which is much better than a friend who has a company in the same niche - lots of customers return just to get phone number, then bounce). I'm taking care of the social, but my concern here is the bounce. The yelp page that always ranks number 1 is set up so that no user would ever bounce from it. It has 5 pictures linking each of the highest rated companies in my industry. If somebody clicked on this yelp landing page, and we're interested in the reviews and/or a listing of top companies, why would they ever bounce? It's got to be under 10%.

    Anyway, my thinking is to artificially create a low bounce rate. Is this a silly idea? It would be pretty tough for most businesses with hundreds or thousands of visitors, but I only get about 100 visitors a day. I have lots of proxies and vpns in my region. Opening up a few browsers, it wouldn't take me very long to fake multiple users activity. Just spend a couple minutes on the front page, play through videos, click 5+ pages per visit, and end it up with a contact form.

    I'm getting a little desperate since link building and regularly content isn't fucking getting me there.