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    Dec 4, 2008
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    just joined a few days ago and have reaped some benefits already. Now have access to demonoid after months of searching for invite:D:D:D

    so i know a few methods to get reports and software from some sites that still dnt know hw to protect their links:eek:

    my biggest problem is procratination so i have not yet made a dime on the net! well i did once and sent the money to egold but nw i cant get through coz i changed my ip and their pin sentry is nt working anymore so i guess i can kiss my$50 goodbye. called them and they wanted my address but i have since moved from the country where i used to stay and now in the UK so that wont help me. to much hassle for a measley $50 hey!

    ok so i will try and get some ideas and get off my ass and make some doll. 2009 will be happening for me.

    cheers all,