⏩Affordable - High Quality-Hand made Backlinks at ✅$9 - ⚡ Backbone Diversified Backlinks ⚡ - Get Unbelievable results From Ready2Rank

Just ordered- ID: 5886408275998703206

Just ordered the 5 links to test - if the links are as good as they sound then more orders will be on their way...
Order recieved today - TAT is exactly as adertised (7 days) so service is bang on...

Links look good - all with high DA and the articles / Quora answers are really well written for the price.

I'm confused by the audio submissions though - they are text to speech articles on a spotify podcast but I can't see any links on the podcast pages so unless some of the other articles link to the podcast I can't see any benefit... maybe someone can explain?
I received the review copy a few days ago and was surprised, they were pretty quick and explained everything very well with their spreadsheet they provide you. The data is easy to disseminate and they went above and beyond to showcase what links were indexed etc.

The link quality is what you would expect for the value, good quality; I was worried about the quality of content, however upon reviewing it was not bad at all and fit for prupose.

I would purchase this and see it as an asset to the website. !
Another order done, 20x URLs - the report is very detailed, and each URL has its own Excel sheet with all the required information.

The good thing is that previous orders are indexed very well, and even URLs from this order are getting new backlinks in GWMT.

Recommended service for link diversity.

I received a review copy of @Hisoka1's Backbone link service featuring seven types of high authority, quality backlinks.

  • Backlinks include a mix of Quora, web 2.0 submissions, bookmarks, and image submission sites, predominantly do-follow backlinks.
  • Content appears AI-generated but incorporates numerous sub-headings.
  • Anchor text and link placement are well executed.
  • The report presentation is appealing.

Considering the price, this service is a steal. Good luck with sales, @Hisoka1.
I received a review copy.

For a review OP provided, 9 high-quality niche-related posts on sites like - ''Quora, Blogger, Medium, Spotify, etc.'' - well-written AI content & related images, also chosen list of sites is good, all with DA 80-100.

Well-written report & fast delivery. Overall really professional service, definitely recommended it for a low price, you would save a lot of time trying to make those on your own.
I received a review copy from @Hisoka1

It was very easy to place an order and shortly after I was presented with Google Docs report which consisted of the following type of links:


Variety is spice of life and same goes for links. These entry level package is great for anyone that wants good quality links to start their SEO journey.
I just received a review copy of the Ready2Rank diversified backbone links.

Here are the results:

- 7 links in total
- Various domains ranging Quora/Blogger/Medium etc
- DA 80+
- Websites with over 30k+ traffic (mainly in millions)
- Correctly selected niche
- Cover images where possible
- Nicely formatted articles, SEO optimized
- Natural placement of the links within articles
- Native English, grammar proof
- Fantastic quick turnaround
- I received everything in a nice Excel spreadsheet with domain stats
- Most are already indexed by Google

I can highly recommend this service.
Order Review Ready2Rank(Review Copy):

I received :

-> 9 HQ Backlinks
-> The Backlink post is in high quality, with images and more.
-> The DA of all websites are given (80-100!!!!), same goes for the traffic (30k-1.7B).
-> Also all keywords and link Type are given.
-> The Article felt natural and was manually edited and published.
-> The Order was completed in a short time.

A high quality service with high quality results!!

I got a review copy and was impressed. Text was decent as was the site selection. All sites were high DA and for the price it is a bargain. While you always get what you pay for, for $9 it's a good diverse selection and is clearly hand done and not automated.


The report includes 9 backlinks, including web2.0, Bookmark, Image/Audio Submission
The articles are about 500 words, with link requested insert. written by AI, but readable.
Audion submission is special, Hope it index by G

The result is out of my think, Recommend.
Review time
Got a review copy from OP.
Received total 9 links from sites like Quora/Medium etc.
All looks great, link inserted in a good manner, AI content is well written, related images inserted.
Report provided in one drive excel sheet, clear and easy.
TAT is good, communication is easy.

Overall very good service!
I received more than 5 review copies from the seller. Their DAs are ranging from 80 to 100. With millions of traffic each. The links are diversified - bookmarks, web 2.0, profile links, article submissions and more. This is good for money site as they don't look spammed either. I recommend
I've received my review copy for this service,
And for it I got:
1 x Quora post
1 x Blogger (Google Stack) post
2 x web2.0 links
2 x Bookmarks
1 x Image Submission
1 x Audio Submission
1 x Tumblr

All of them were according to my requirements and contained my desired anchor and links.
This service would be a fit to whoever wishes to diversify their link profile!

Many thanks!
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