Affordable and scalable CDN, Amazon Akamai alternative, offshore DMCA friendly

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    Hi, looking for CDN for video and app and image hosting - we need alternatives to Amazon EC that are less DMCA trigger happy - The more scalable the better, we could just rent servers as we expand, but it'd be cheaper and easier if that was automated and we paid per usage/bandwidth.

    We'd prefer outside the US - but need to see decent speeds in US and western Europe.

    What server and companies, and what system layout is used by low and mid tier p0rn sites who can't afford their own datacenters, same for video sharing, and file sharing for their traffic, what is options are priced in order to make higher bandwidth cost effective and without problems with over-regulation.

    where is rapidshare, or novamov and sockshare hosted... PM me if its not for public consumption

    I'm looking at past posts and not finding answers as most of it has to do with super cheap shared hosting options,
    are there suggested forums devoted to this side of things that aren't overly corporate ?

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