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Affiliates(Freelancers) wanted for "3000+ FB likes to any website / blog for $5"

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by elgerente, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. elgerente

    elgerente Newbie

    Oct 27, 2012
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    First of all, since that is not allowed here, I'm not selling the service itself, I just need affiliates(freelancers).
    Second and most important: I created a simple working procedure so there is no possibility to be cheated by me, I bear all the risks ! Only you could cheat me (once), but hey, if you do, you're the one who loses future income, I'll always find a new affiliates.

    Now, the description: (...and please read the whole text, ok ? )

    Why do I ask for affiliates(freelancers) at first place ?

    I offer something which is (from what I've seen so far) the best deal on fiverr related to offering facebook likes for websites / webpages / blogs. My gig is brand new and so far it has 3 positive feedbacks.
    There is a gig on fiverr who offers the same thing I do, only he offers x3 less for the same amount of money. It's a 1 year old gig and it has around 3300 positive and 77 negative feedbacks, 29 in queue, etc... so since his customers don't know about me yet, they still pay the same amount for x3 smaller quantity.

    But let's put the competitors' gigs alone, this service obviously has a huge income potential and it would be such a waste if we don't collaborate.

    What do I offer ?

    Just like I titled my fiverr gig: I will add 3000+ (3k+) Facebook likes to any website / webpage / blog (and certain FB contests) in less than 24h for $5.
    Here's the description of the gig/service I offer:

    * If you want a Free test before ordering, contact me !
    * All I need is a link to your website/webpage/blog where the Like button is placed - Nothing more;
    * You can order this gig as many times as you want for the same Like button;
    * They will stay there permanently;
    * You will always receive more than the stated 3000;
    * My regular customers will be rewarded with 20% more likes for each new order;
    * Note: I DO NOT accept orders for Facebook Fan Pages.

    How can an affiliate earn from this ?

    Find customers, promote... the regular affiliate stuff. You know precisely what I offer and for how much. For the good affiliates, there will be 20% bonus/credit. You can use the bonus however and whenever you want, it's a good idea to keep your bonus from 5 orders and voila, you won't have to pay me at all for the 6th order. You can earn from the difference in price (as you know, people give $5 even for 500, so do the math...). Also, feel free to give me your ideas on which other ways we can both earn.

    How this collaboration is going to be done in practice ?

    You will find a customer;
    He will give you the necessary details so I can do the job;
    You will send those details to me;
    I will do the job in 24h, in most cases I'll see the order right away and the job will be done in 1-2h;
    The buyer will pay YOU and thank YOU because "YOU" gave them a good service. Of course, he can pay you in advance, that's between him and you;
    You will pay my share ($5 per 3000+ likes) and keep the rest of your money for yourself;
    We are both happy.

    OK, I like this, a contact and payment details, please ?

    You can contact me via PM or Skype: elgerente101 .
    Since I'm from Macedonia (GMT+1) and Paypal is not an option (yet), you will send my share of the earnings via Skrill or (if you really have to) via Payza.

    Feel free to ask anything you want. I really hope I'll find good (and many) affiliates here.