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    Greetings everyone on Black Hat World!

    An upcoming investment trading platform for high return (5-20% monthly) is looking for experienced lead generators.

    The payout will be up to 10% of the monthly revenue from each lead's deposit, based on the P&L.

    Example: An account is funded with 10,000 USD $ in a segregated trading bank account.
    The company generates 10% ROI, based on the positive turnover from that account.
    The customer's account is now 11,000 USD $. The affiliate will be rewarded 100,00 USD $ for the month.
    Next month the customer consolidates the account and we do another 10 %, so it's 1150 USD $.
    The affiliate will be rewared 115,00 USD $ over the second month etc.
    You have to take care of your own TAX clearance, as it will apply according to your location.

    It's a long-term investment platform, so you will build as you go.

    No ponzi or pyramidal schemes. We will work only with privileged financial institutions, clean documents and payed taxes.
    No cheap "living the dream" videos or fake promises. The company will operate with clear address, contacts and the regular permissions in terms of contracts and company operational coverage.
    No stolen CCs or forced customers, as this will result in cancelling the partnership. We want to build a name, work clear and transparently, unlike most of the top financial institutions.
    No upfront commissions, this is not a broker platform and we do not gain from the client's losses. Only disciplined, self-driven individuals with high self-esteem, goals, organization and commitment.

    There is risk involved with this business and it will be a clear disclaimer, if we have a bad month, there will be no commission.

    However, our strategies are quantitatively back-tested and are limited by strict mathematical formulas and inside market overview.
    So, we will indefinitely seek our profits as well.

    Deposits / Withdrawals:
    Paypal, CCs, Wiretransfers (Including the corresponding documentation only)
    Corporate accounts, wealthy individuals, financial institutions, family long-term investments

    Offered services:
    Capital management;
    Tax advisory (trading, profits-related);
    Hedging (International trading companies);

    English, German, Spanish speaking leads worldwide, but preferably the G-10 countries.

    The platform will start operating in the next 4-8 weeks.
    For more information, leave your details here or send me a private message.
    Looking forward to serious and timely entries.

    Kind regards,

    Martin D.