AFFILIATES! 5 Reasons To Become A 30DayWealth Affiliate TODAY!

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    Hey Guys, Rick here, I am the owner and creator of

    So far I have recruited a great amount of affiliates but I am still looking for more!

    Since I first created the website, it has gone through many changes and now it is converting at top status!

    The gravity is now at about 60 and I want to get to 100 very soon! So I need you affiliates!

    Here are 5 reasons you should promote

    1) Great Sales Page: The sales page is compelling and inviting and converts just about as well as you could possibly ask.

    2) Great Product: The system itself is very well put together and this means less refunds which means more money for you!

    3) Great affiliate tools: The affiliate page is posted at the bottom of this post.

    4) ONE OF A KIND ORDER BUTTON! - I personally created the order now button on the sales page. If you look at it, it says "Instant Access" and has a clickbank theme. This GREATLY reduces the amount of order form impressions compared to sales! This way, when someone is ready to buy, they do not change their mind whenever they see the Clickbank order form. (To other vendors, do not copy, the button I have created is copyrighted.)

    5) Because you will make MONEY! lol Seriously promote 30DayWealth and you will see some great success as an affiliate!


    Sales page:
    Affiliate page: