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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by greenovni, May 6, 2010.

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    Careful when dealing with

    They only paid me $146 which was only a December bonus and was paid on April 25th - They failed to pay me for ANY of the approved transactions.

    Right now I have $1,565 worth of approved transactions and they have the balls to send me just $146???

    To top it all off, the do not respond to the many emails send or to their forum!

    Anyone out there being scammed or just nor receiving their payments?

    Affiliatebot if you read this: - I was counting with my payment for the transactions that were approved by the merchant.

    Your job as the network that I am happy with (from all the networks that are out there) is to make sure that I get paid, in full and on time!

    & please do not tell me that you "haven't received payment" for those transactions from the merchant as I am sure that as soon as a transaction is approved, it gets billed to the merchant and if they don't pay you you would stop their campaign so you don't go the way of THE MANY NETWORKS THAT HAVE FOLDED.

    As soon as I press submit, I am stopping my campaign for the sell timeshare fast program as I simply cannot afford it if I am not getting paid in full and on time for merchant APPROVED transactions.

    Anyone knows why this is happening? All of the traffic that I have sent is white hat and the merchant has approved all of it except a few leads (thinking that they could not convert them)
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    after reading your above experience i have doubts in joining with them now...anyone also face payment problem?
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    Yeah.. They didnt pay on time. I suggest not to go with them.
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    They are cheater