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    Dec 1, 2008
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    If this has already been done, my apologies in advance, but this is a pretty cool method (i think) for getting people to sign up to one of my affiliates. The site is a auction/classified site, which pays me for every person I refer who signs up and buys something from the site within 60 days. They pay between $6 - $15 per referral (who buys shit).

    The method I'm using now is:

    I'm posting adverts on other classified sites, saying "selling lots of stuff for cheap" or something along those lines.
    People email me for info
    I email them a referral link to my affiliates site
    Since they are def looking to buy stuff (they were browsing classified sites and responded to an advert that said "selling cheap stuff"), it has a pretty good sign up rate.

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    Not bad. Good luck. Now think of a way to outsource it and ramp it up.