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    If your thinking of shelling out money for this program, don't

    I really hate it and its got way too many problems.

    1st, they claim there are 650 article directories you can submit too. Well, when i load the application only 85 are listed.

    Most of these directories are running the article dashboard software which is horrible in iteself. First off, if you post an article to one article dashboard site, it gets fed to all of them over a few day period. So why would Callen and group pick the article directories running so many instances of article dashboard? It makes no sense.

    This software has all kinds of issues. There are dead links when you click on some of the directories. Reports page not found. Second, its a dog. Sometimes you have to wait forever before you can click on the next article directory. Just sits there doing nothing as if its hung up. After all, they have some type of browser built into this thing and its very slow.

    And last but certainly not least. The software loads your key email address when you try to load it. Well last night their license server was down and when that happens you cant get into the application. Tells you to try later. I tried the other applications i have installed, directory submitter. It was doing the same bloody thing. Could not load the application due to a server issue.

    Now while i dont mind shelling out good money for applications it does irk me when i have paid good money and cant use it because of their callback server checking my license. :rolleyes:

    In my opinion AS is not worth the money. Seems like callen has pulled down a bunch of money selling all these applications, Seo Elite, Article Submitter, Directory Submitter etc but has not taken the time to polish them up.