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    Nov 5, 2007
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    Okay, so how intense are your sites? I have not seen an actual site link here that goes to your big money sites...affiliate or otherwise, so i was wondering, does something like this work? (i threw this together on an old domain that was just sitting there and can throw some more together with better features if this will work) It brings in adsense, amazon cash

    and (this is an affiliate of herbalbiz and I have received one check from them for an affiliate sign up but I would love to grow the sales and affiliate sales and get a dandy check from them every two weeks) do sites that are templates like this work?


    Pharmacy sites.... like - are they worth building to get sales and affiliates? Same as herbalbiz...this is a template from the company....

    Would the herbal and pharmacy sites do better as ad or other type of affiliate sites rather than what they are?