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Affiliate Scheme for subscription based site

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by bebrisk, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. bebrisk

    bebrisk Newbie

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Hi Guys and girls,

    First time poster long time lurker here.

    My forays into IM have always been pretty small/unsuccessful. I made £1.75 through amazon affiliates after a few days work on Pinterest and tumblr but thought it was too much work to get sales (which of one, was a fluke I reckon as there hasn't been any since) anyway, I digress.

    I've had a subscription based site up since November now with my traffic mostly coming through twitter, I'm working with another 2 guys who do a lot of the work manually like keeping banter up on twitter and just spending 10 mins a day following people with relavent interests (i'm going to look to automate the following in the future, I'm just a little out of the loop with what current programs there are out there) pretty much everything except the mass twitter following has been white hat :)

    I've also recently took some google ads out for my niche to see if I could drive some traffic and i'm yet to see any results there. they've only been up for a few days so I'm not too worried about spending my £25 for £75 adwords voucher yet.

    The sites had about 2000 hits this month, I imagine some/most of you are laughing that that as I know it's not a lot...but it's steady traffic and most of it is through twitter.

    Of the 2000 hits, around 500 were unique and we had about 30 sign ups this month (possibly more) So i'm thinking my strike rate is pretty good! Which probably means my offering is pretty good no?

    I could spend all year reading this site and try odd bits and bobs to try and increase sales and traffic but at the end of the day, there are lots of people on here who know more than I ever will. So I'm thinking of running an affiliate scheme. I've got the skills to implement one into my site and reckon it could be a good way to get some more subs.

    So, just out of interest - would anyone be interested in the deal?

    I currently charge £2.95 per month to subscribe to my site, so I'd be willing to give away 100% of the first months payment and I'll keep any payments thereafter. This is basically the easiest method I can think of rather than any other models that may be out there. Do you think the deal sounds reasonable? I imagine the right marketeer could easily make a few quid from this.

    Obviously i'm a little fearful of spilling the beans on what my offering is, but hey it's not unique so I'll tell you that its a gambling based niche.

    This month i've made roughly £200 from affiliate linking to a betting outlet and roughly £250 from the site, site's been running since November and it's just growing and growing..I'm enjoying the ride so much! If anyones got any advice i'f love to hear it...until then, i'll just keep skulking round the site!

    Cheers, I look forward to your replies guys!