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affiliate redirect site for consideration?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by amfsound, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. amfsound

    amfsound Newbie

    Aug 5, 2008
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    Hey guys,

    my background is as an affiliate for adult dates sites that I would advertise. A potential customer would see my ad and click or copy my link and is taken to the date site. If he signs up the site can track me by virtue of my affiliate ID in the link and therefore I get credit....not rocket science...I believe other types of sites and or businesses work in the same way, but I don't have the experience to know that this type "relationship" works with other advertisers, or specifically the site I'm thinking about purchasing....

    Seems to make sense that the same type of "arrangement" has merit with other advertising programs, but admittedly I don't want to spend money to find out that it doesn't.....
    and since I don't own any websites, will it work the same with the site that I buy?

    The site has an obvious 5 second redirect delay, it raises a red flag to me. This is his writeup on the startup site he's selling;

    Today I have for auction.........

    bodybuildingonline.info and bodybuildingonline.info/blog plus 23 mini sites.

    Have you ever tried to get your affiliate site up high into the search engines? If so then you know how difficult it is. The search engines treat these sites as duplicate copy and just does not like them. Plus it puts you in direct competition with other affiliates associated with that program.

    Now....you nothing to worry about.

    The master affiliate site is bodybuildingonline.info. This is an affiliate site except your own this unique domain name. You are able to get high above the other affiliates who are promoting the same affiliate site. The affiliate company takes care of the customer service and shipping. All you need to do is promote the site.

    The blog is bodybuildingonline.info/blog. This blog has a number of articles ready to be automatically posted at various times. You can load your own articles or articles from article directories and set the posts to post at a time you specify. This blog has adsense codes with your affiliate link plus banner and products directing your traffic to the master affiliate site.

    23 Mini Sites. Each site gives you an extra 11 pages. Or in other words, each mini site can be translated into 11 additional languages and you can have each site or page hosted on a traffic generating site.

    I see the products do dump to worldclassnutrition from the blog, no redirect delay in reaching the blog, but just trying to access the site itself without the blog "bodybuildingonline.info" does have the visual redirect to the nutrition site.....I'm green I guess it shows...

    maybe I'm just thrown off because of the redirect delay...maybe he's leaving the delay in because he is trying to illuminate the idea that his bodybuuiliding site is an affiliate to the nutrition site?......so does the link "bodybuildingonline.info" work the same way my dating site affiliate links would work in essence? ...so if I promote the domain "bodybuildingonline.info" and if it redirects, then anything that is purchased on the main "worldclassnutrition" I get a cut of, as long as accessed through my link? I would think I should see an affiliate ID in the address bar, or maybe the source code.......?

    thanks guys
    any help would be appreciated....!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2008
  2. seodeveloping

    seodeveloping BANNED BANNED

    Oct 17, 2008
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    Good lord that blue font is killer.