Affiliate program for an EXPLOSIVE health product! Niche is WIDE OPEN...BARELY TOUCHED!

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    I'm the COO of a marketing company and we are looking to bring on some direct affiliate marketers to our hottest product in one of today's hottest, untapped niches.

    We own another company that is in the health/ailment/remedies niche and is a VERY hot product right now and we're looking for JV partners that are in a related niches (Health remedies, ailments, etc). In fact, we did $600,000 in sales in our first 3 months and are continuing to grow at an outstanding rate!

    *What we need

    We need affiliate marketers that have established marketing skills, lists, resources and who are interested in further monetizing those efforts by cross-promoting our product through your efforts. We are open to whatever means necessary to make it a comfortable relationship between us and are open to all strategies. In other words we're open to the promotion method? Email, content, PPC, Display, etc.

    *How it works

    We offer a 50/50 split on net profit and here's the best part... WE ALSO OFFER A 50/50 NET PROFIT SPLIT ON ALL FUTURE RECURRING ORDERS! That's right, we not only offer the 50% split on the front end, but also on the back end. We have a system built for this already where you can login to the backend of our website, create tracking links, see stats, and see all repeat orders too! All you do is promote our product to your list and collect a weekly payment! No dealing with customer support, shipping, phone calls, vendors, etc... we have all that set up and running smoothly. You just push quality traffic that converts and get paid.

    *Some numbers

    As stated, we did over $600,000 in our first 3 months and we're growing fast. We also get a reorder rate of 18%-20% and that's without a continuity program! People love this product so much that they just keep ordering month after month, and we're always enticing them to buy more with weekly sales and promotions.


    You have affiliate marketing expertise, we have a hot product and together we can create a scenario where you're further monetizing your efforts and helping us continue our explosive growth at the same time. We are a group of extremely easy to work with guys and have been in the marketing business for a long time. We also know the value of these types of relationships between hot products and great marketers... and how lucrative it can be, so please feel free to PM me to discuss this opportunity and I can also provide more detailed info as well about the product, site, etc.

    I'd prefer not discussing EVERYTHING on this thread especially like the company and product name, etc.

    Thanks and looking forward to it!
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    Sent you a PM, really interest in knowing more about your product.
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    Send more info my way buddy.