Affiliate Program - earn 40% for every sale of the autoblogging plugin for WP

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    Become a Partner and Earn 40% Commission on Every Sale of CyberSEO!

    All you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate, and use your personal affiliate id to link to the

    How does it work?

    Simple sign up and become an affiliate. Get your affiliate code and place it in your site. The affiliate network is managed by world's leading online billing system 2Checkout, Inc.
    Note your numerical AFFILIATE ID. You get it after signing up as well as in your email. You will need to use this id in the promotional links to earn your commission.

    • You will earn 40% from all approved sales you produce via your affiliate links.
    • Reliable weekly payments.
    • Cookie life period is 30 days.
    • Abundant payment methods (Payoneer MasterCard and Bank Wire).
    • World-class fraud protection.

    Terms & Conditions

    • You can NOT use your own affiliate links to purchase the CyberSEO plugin. Doing so will terminate your affiliate account and you will forfeit any potential earnings.
    • All disputes, refunds and payments are settled by 2Checkout, Inc.
    • Email SPAM is strictly prohibited. SPAM is the sending of any bulk, unsolicited email. Any violation of this rule will be grounds for immediate termination of your account.

    Your Promotional Link:

    Don't forget to replace the "YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID" parameter with your actual affiliate id at
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