Affiliate network pays $1-$2 for worldwide email submit campaign

Mar 28, 2020
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I've been trying the USA demographics for CPA campaign in a while and have not been successful. The offers i have seen pays $2 for email submits. Please, experts in the house, are there Affiliate networks and CPA offers that pay $2 for a worldwide email submit campaign?
I LOL'd in real life. Ok, first things first. The reason that the payouts for a US Email submit is $2 is because the advertisers make that money back + more when monetizing that user in their coreg funnel. Other T1 countries such as UK, AU will also have high payouts too but other countries in T2 or worse, T3 geo's will NEVER get that high payout for an email submit. The advertiser simply cannot make that money back from the users.
Yes, that's totally correct, nobody ever have something like that absolutely, people will not make anything happen. Some do need to understand yes, that nobody will pay $2 for simple e-mail, person must be interested in offers and be from high pay country.
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