Affiliate marketing is where the money is?

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    ok i've been reading these forums for a few weeks, im also a avid member on DP.. and i've learnt it obviously takes time and effort to make money... i've also learnt that the best place to make money from is where people are OFFERING money... affiliates... i've been making money through adsense nicely, but im wondering if there are any other ways to make affiliate money, such as CPM and other PPC methods, i don't know many blackhat methods, im just wondering if anyone could push me in the right direction!

    alos what is that buy me some crack thing?? and should i have my URL associated with BHW?

    ps. i weould have signed up much earlier, but for some reason BHW would not let me sign up!!! o well im here now! :D

    thanks! :)
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    Hi ya,

    As I understand it, affiliate marketing can offer good returns to an Internet marketer.

    I just wondered if you have considered the more conventional ways of making the affiliate dollars. Here's what I mean:

    1) You find a market niche of folks who are able and willing to pay for products/services.
    2) You create offers and drive traffic to those offers by ppc, free traffic methods, web2.0 methods etc.
    3) You build a database list of prospective buyers and market to them over and over again, all the while building up trust and a good relationship with them.

    I figure online marketing requires you to get good at a few things:
    a) Get the traffic to your offer and/or get the offer in front of prospective buyers (e.g. via a web2.0 platform).
    b) "Persuade" the traffic to perform a most desired behavior - This most desired behavior could be:

    i) Opt in to your email list​
    ii) Enter a zip code or request more information (e.g. CPA offers)​
    iii) Click on a link (e.g. pay per lead or Adsense)​
    iv) For those with great copywriting traffic conversion skills, you can persuade such traffic to buy the product​

    c) Set in place a system to repeat the process over and over again.

    Anyways, this is how I; as a noob, understand it to be for affiliate marketing.

    Would be great to hear what other folks have to say cos we're all here to learn. :D